Liberty will stand up to Ferrari?

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Here we have something quite left of field, and potentially a regular feature before races. Our newest contributor is known as @reefgirl3 and she’s very passionate about F1 but also delves into the arts that some may find strange and intriguing. Today’s offering is certainly an unusual combination of the sport we love and the esoteric.

Check out @reefgirl3’s Australia readings, she reported a serious loss of integrity, and boy did we have that in spades. Ricciardo’s overly harsh penalty, a strange turn of events that lead to Vettel winning the race (Ferrari taking advantage of Mercedes was seen by many as unfair). Perhaps Verstappen floundering in amongst a sea of non-overtaking? F1 certainly lost it’s integrity as a racing spectacle.



Bahrain Grand Prix Tarot Readings

About @reefgirl3 – A Tarot reading knitter, with a love of cooking and loud music. I love my garden, my daughter and my partner, I love science fiction especially Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Star Trek, Star Wars and Babylon 5. I’m a big fan of F1, Wintersports and Cycling. In other words I’m an all round geek.

I live on the South Coast of England and I’ve been reading Tarot for about 10 years, professionally for about 3. I also dabble in Astrology and look to the sky to make sense of what is going on

Away from the esoteric, I work as a cook in a care home for people with Learning Difficulties. I’m a big fan of crime drama, I watch a lot on TV and read a lot of crime novels. I enjoy knitting, crochet and cross stitch, I also grow my own herbs for cooking.


What can we expect to see in the Bahrain Grand Prix?

Mood for the weekend – Ace of Coins

Hidden issues to be aware of – The Fool

Outcome – Ten of Spears

Mood of the Weekend: Ace of Coins

On the card, a coin is held in a pair of hands, it is the iron coin Jaqen H’ghar gave Arya Stark as a guarantee of safe passage to Braavos and the House of Black and White.

The suit of coins (or pentacles) represents the element of earth; this in turn shows us the material world, home, money, family, career and the actual earth.

Aces often represent the start of a new path in your life, the sowing of seeds that need nurturing. In this case, it means the start of money and success. The meeting of Liberty and the teams this weekend to discuss the 2021 rules will hang over this weekend, for some it will mean they’ll have the means to get the personnel and technology to catch up with the front teams. Financial security will come about for some this weekend.

Hidden issues to be aware of: The Fool

On the card, Tyrion Lannister stands in the chamber under the Great Pyramid of Mereen that houses Viserion and Rhaegal the dragons; he is there to free them from their chains.

This is a Major Arcana card; this is showing us that the message is important for this weekend.

Tyrion is enchanted by stories of dragons and cried himself to sleep when he found out they no longer existed, but he is now a guest of Daenarys Targaryan, the Mother of Dragons and the city is under siege. Therefore, taking his courage in both hands he goes into the chamber that houses two of her dragons in order to befriend and unchain them, in the hope that they can be persuaded to help defend the city.

Traditionally this card is all about taking a leap of faith; it’s all about seizing the opportunity and just going for it. I believe this follows on from the Ace of Coins and someone will take that leap of faith at the meeting between Liberty and the teams and take on the established order to get exactly what they and the sport needs to see them into the next decade. As Tyrion is fond of saying “I drink and I know things”, have a drink, a little Dutch courage maybe and say what you think to be the right way forward and go ahead with your plans.

Outcome: Ten of Spears

On the card, a man carries lances away from a tournament in Kings Landing.

The suit of Spears (or wands) represents the element of fire, which shows us creativity, passion, pizzazz and joie de vive.

This card represents carrying a burden, you are so caught up in responsibility, the demands of others and pressure to perform that you have lost your way, bent double under the burden you are carrying; it’s now time to unburden yourself, or at lease ask for some help sharing that burden. You also need to prioritize, get rid of the dead wood and stop dragging the chains of dependency behind you.


The first card is showing that the meeting about the 2021 regulations and the age-old question of money will be foremost in everyone’s mind this weekend. We all know Ferrari will veto everything on the table because they can, Mercedes will veto any engine changes because they don’t want to lose their power and all of the big four will veto a cost cap because they don’t want financial restrictions to cause the lower teams to catch up. However, someone will stand up and challenge the big four, this will ruffle a lot of feathers but in the end, this person will make a lot of sense and will be listened to because, like Tyrion, they have a bigger understanding of the sport than they are given credit for. This weekend and all its shenanigans maybe a burden for someone, or possibly the sport in general and may feel it’s time to get rid of the dead wood and chains that are dragging them down, release the burden of so much responsibility so they can concentrate on what is important. Could this be Liberty calling Ferrari’s annual “We will leave and start are own championship if you don’t do what we want” bluff? Will F1 sink without them or will it flourish?

8 responses to “Liberty will stand up to Ferrari?

  1. Ferrari and M-B are holding a straight flush while Carey has a pair of two’s. Neither need Liberty. while without Ferrari and M-B, Liberty’s stock is essentially worthless. If it comes down to money – Liberty’s F1 operation is worth $4B – while Ferrari and M-B are worth hundred’s of billions. Who you going to bet on?

    • It’s easy to bluff with a pair, I’ve done it, the sport is bigger than 2 teams and can easily do with out them, f1 might take a knock for a couple of years but if it’s left as it is with red and silver calling the shots it will die quicket

    • well, i think this time You’ve got it wrong – Liberty holds a a Full House at least

      • What do you think Liberty’s stock value would be if Ferrari and maybe M-B walked?

        • Formula 1 has survived the loss of many great teams, including Mercedes way back when. I wont patronise you with a list of those teams, but suffice to say the sport will do just fine without Ferrari and Mercedes.

  2. Let us all hope for the sake of F1 that Liberty have got the courage to stand up to the red and silver bully boys.

  3. Mercedes and Ferrari can make their own F1 series, they’ll get rid of the halo, bring back the grid girls, old logo, old theme song, and louder engines. If they both add 1 more car, so it’s 3 x 3 drivers, if they get Max, Ricciardo, and maybe someone to replace Raikkonen, I’m sure their races will be just as popular as F1, if not more.

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