Kimi screwed over by Ferrari & McLaren pace question mark

So What happened to Raikkonen last time at 2018 Australian Grand Prix? Kimi was well and truly screwed over by Ferrari and their preferential treatment, in a similar vein to Monaco 2017.

TJ13’s TV youtube presenter Charlie Boscoe asks the crew about their expectation of the Bahrain Grand Prix this weekend. Will Kimi be screwed over by Ferrari again, he has a very good record at the Sakhir track, will McLaren be slow? These and many more thoughts were shared.

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What happened to Raikkonen in Australia?

Ferrari decided to pit Raikkonen early to draw in Lewis Hamilton to cover the undercut. By doing this Ferrari rolled the dice with the two cars they had (Mercedes only had Hamilton in the mix after a disastrous qualifying for team mate Bottas). In the likely event of a safety car and by pitting Kimi early, Ferrari gave themselves the best chance to lure Hamilton in and give Ferrari’s number 1 driver Vettel a chance to overtake in the pits. What happened to Raikkonen? He was the sacrificial lamb.



MORE NEWS – Toto Wolff admits ‘painful mistake’

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff expects that the Bahrain Grand Prix will again be a challenging weekend, “but the challenges there will be completely different” when compared to Australia, admits Wolff.

“The desert race is tricky because the conditions between the sessions change considerably. The first and second practice sessions take place during the heat of the day, but qualifying and the race are held after sunset when it is much cooler. This makes it extremely difficult to find the right car setup. ”

It seems that Mercedes are reeling still from an Australian Grand Prix that they really should’ve won had it not been for mistakes. Wolff admits that the team made errors with timing delta given to Lewis Hamilton, what isn’t reported in the media is a………..




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