So what are those huge metal frames on the car?

What are those huge metal frames we often see in testing and on Friday practice? Marc explains all.

TJ13 can thoroughly recommend Marc Priestley’s analysis, it’s an interesting watch. Marc is an ex McLaren No.1 mechanic who was involved during the team’s championship winning year of 2008 with Lewis Hamilton. Many who follow Formula E in the UK might recognise him from the terrestrial TV coverage as a studio pundit but also from Sky Sports F1’s ‘The F1 Show’.

He has great insight into the Formula 1 and has started ‘Vlogging’ on YouTube. Please head on over to his channel and subscribe for updates.

6 responses to “So what are those huge metal frames on the car?

  1. Has TJ13 stopped producing original content and just posting links to Marc Priestley’s stuff?

    • Not at all. Just helping Marc reach an appreciative audience with his new vlog. With the extreme weather in the UK, TJ13 towers has been hunkered down somewhat this week! Normal service will be resumed soon.

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