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Lewis Hamilton confirmed his place among the all-time greats of British sport as he collected his fourth world title for 2017.

It was the moment during the Mexican Grand Prix when Hamilton went past Alonso which showed why he’s a four-time world champion.

Sat in tenth place, he must have known from his team that Sebastian Vettel wasn’t any further forward than fourth and unlikely to make progress (the German needed to win the race to keep realistically keep his Championship hopes alive). So merely finishing was good enough for Lewis to regain his title.

Having already tried to make a pass on Alonso’s McLaren through a tight gap, with a couple of laps left, Hamilton could quite easily have sat there and followed in. But that is not his way, and it never has been. Another set of corners came into view, another opportunity to get right on Alonso’s tail, another chance to wiggle through the smallest of gaps and then keep his position through the next couple of turns.

And so that’s what he did. Because that’s what he does. Hamilton is and always has been, first and foremost, a guy who loves racing and risks. That was in his DNA when his dad first bought him a radio-controlled car and he tried to drive it as fast as it would go round their Stevenage flat.

It’s been in his DNA ever since. He’s already the favourite to win the 2018 Drivers Championship even before we have half a clue as to who will have the best car.

While we have yet to see the Mercedes W09 in the metal, Lewis Hamilton is still a strong favourite to win the Australian Grand Prix and defend his title as Formula 1 world champion. As per My Top Sportsbooks, Hamilton’s current odds to win are 3/2. The power unit that has given the Silver Arrows such an advantage since the beginning of the turbo era has been improved steadily in the offseason, achieving incredible horsepower and efficiency numbers. Hamilton has come very close to the top step of the podium at Albert Park in the last two years, last year missing out in somewhat wonky circumstances, and will be a dominant force in F1 for the foreseeable future.


4 responses to “Hamilton odds on favourite

  1. “The power unit that has given the Silver Arrows such an advantage since the start of the turbo era…”

    And we really rate Hamilton because of his dominant steed? Please!!!

    Don’t misunderstand, I think Hamilton post Hungary was brilliant last year but despite his car being a ‘Diva’ it still took 12 race wins.

    As to the racer in him, I’m sure he didn’t display that in Malaysia just three races before Mexico against Max. That was with Vettel having started at the back.

    The British media kisses Hamilton’s a*** sufficiently that TJ13 doesn’t need to but all Lewis achieved by winning his fourth title is match Vettel – who was constantly criticised for his domination.

    At least Seb never lost a title to his teammate, who incidentally was quicker than Hammys conqueror in 2016…

    • Mercedes is so dominant, the only way to get Lewis of his game is some toilet humor. Apparently, Lewis goes apeshit if anyone uses one of his toilets. Maybe Seb could drop a load on Lewis’s plane while wearing a princess dress and it will be enough to put Lewis in a coma? The guy sure has issues off the track.

  2. With the far superior power advantage that the Mercedes engine currently has over everybody else and the new 3 engines per season rule, you can put your mortgage on Hamilton winning again. I’m amazed that the odds are as good as 3/2 – Lump on him now while you can!!

    • I think those odds are reflecting the James Allison effect.

      JA is to technical directorship, what Sam Michaels was to any team that employed him…

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