Vettel & Hamilton odds on favourites for Spain

With the Spanish Grand Prix just around the corner, what can we expect and who will most likely get the win?

This season has been a roller coaster and we’ve seen different winners throughout the calendar. A trend many fans are hoping that will continue; that you can’t count on anyone to take a win with 100% certainty in 2018.

So far we’ve had Vettel with 2 wins, Australia and Bahrain. Ricciardo and Hamilton with a win a piece. Bottas should’ve won last time in Baku had it not been for an unfortunate puncture just before the finishing line, but should we assume that this trend will continue for Spanish Grand Prix at the weekend?

The two main protagonists at the top of the drivers standings continue to be the bookies favourites, Mercedes Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel and this pair are probably the safest pair to go for in terms of outright victory. Their odds are almost even with Vettel being the slight favorite at around 3/2 (40%) while Hamilton is around 13/8 (38%). If you notice, some of these sportsbooks reviews cover important details including sign-up bonuses, which actually might be beneficial in this case where the odds for the two racers are too close for comfort. In case you picked Vettel as the winner but Hamilton actually wins, at least you get some sort of compensation.

Looking back at 2018; the race in Australia is never a typical circuit and commonly throws an odd result. Bahrain being a night race, again can be a lottery in terms of final standings with dropping air temperatures affecting the Pirelli tyres. And Azerbaijan is uniquely fast street circuit, often resulting in many safety car periods, throwing up possibilities for unusual results.

The Grand Prix in Spain is by far a more ‘normal’ circuit. Air and track temperatures are better suited to the tyres, and the track itself has an balanced mix of long straights, high speed curves, mid speed corners and tight turns. Pundits and experts alike expect to see the pecking order less random as a result.

Who do you think will take the honours in Spain? Please leave your comments below.

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  1. Hahaha…It is funny you mention Australia then Bahrain and then directly baku.. and coming to a conclusion that spain ll be the first representative Circuit… Dude… did u go into hibernation when the race in shanghai happened.??.. That is a proper circuit.. proper weather.. and Ferrari Came Well ahead …

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