Zak Brown: “Renault is Fast. Honda will get there, but three years was as long as we could wait”

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Brown: “Honda’s F1 experience is probably what they were lacking most”

“It certainly wasn’t effort, resources, the facility is great, and I think they’ll get it right. It’s more a ways of working. I think they’ll get there, but three years was as long as we could wait.”

On Renault’s engine – “They’ve got the power alhough they’ve got some reliability issues when they turn the power up. “Mexico was a setting issue, but Max did win the race in pretty dominant fashion,” referring to Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, “so they’ve got a fast engine.”


Red Bull plays down trick steering ban for 2018 (GMM)

“Our competitiveness will not be limited by this (ruling).” confirms Dr Helmut Marko when quizzed about the new ruling on suspension and steering systems that lower the ride height.


Zak Brown has predicted F1 2018 will produce “public fireworks” between F1’s key players

“Some senior team executives have been openly critical of Liberty. I prefer we’re constructive.

“They’ve only really had their feet under the desk for the last six to 12 months having inherited a sport previously operated pretty uniquely. They’ve had to put infrastructure in place, learn the environment and prioritise where to invest – all at the same time.”

“There will be some big negotiations going on through 2018 with the teams on contract renewal and I predict that there will be public fireworks; we are already starting to see that.”

“I do not think it’s going to be quiet. Will Ferrari really leave if they don’t like the new rules?”

“I have my opinion but we’ll see how this plays out.”


Indycar starts testing for 2018 at Sebring with their new ‘Halo’ less Dallara car

A fine looking car with very simply lines despite actually being a re-body of the current chassis.

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