Verstappen receives fine for Baku and slams his team

Young Max Verstappen has had a turbulent 2017 in F1, that fact cannot be argued. Leading the way in DNF’s at a total of 4, the Red Bull Racing hotshot has been very vocal about the results being out of his control.

Baku has possibly been the final straw for the Dutch driver, running well up until his Power Unit gave in and seeing his team mate take victory likely to have rubbed salt in the wound.

Further irritation from that weekend being a hefty 25k Euro fine slapped on him for missing his post race media duties. Openly unhappy about his recent troubles at Red Bull, Verstappen left the Baku City Circuit after the race without talking to the media explaining;

“I did not want to talk to the press at the time, it seemed wise not to respond right away. In the race, I was in such a good position, and the team expects me to do my best, so I expect the same from the team.”

Perhaps we have a touch of ‘Vettel’ syndrome? A contender to the throne of impetulant child behaviour? Something we’ve often observed by comments and actions from both multiple champions Hamilton and Vettel.

When asked whether Max stuck around and joined in with his Red Bull Racing team mate’s surprise victory he replied “What do you think?”.

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  1. A Merc Bottas swap on the cards??? I can see his old man ensuring he moves across despite the penalties that would come his way from Redbull. And lets face it, ..that would really light things up over at Merc for 2018.

    • His old man stopped to work for his son after the rbr move. Saying that his work is done and leaving him in much more capable hands.

        • Although I’m by now an irredeemable expat, I stand united in that 🙂

          One of the reasons I’m so impressed by Max is that for me personally, he had to overcome the many facepalms caused to me by Jos the Boss. Thank goodness for that second pair of genes that went into his making 🙂

  2. Not sure if it’s Vettelitis, given that Seb is not known for keeping his mouth shut until he has cooled down a little bit 😉

  3. Even Danny hung around after the tragic Monaco – but I am not sure Red Bull enjoyed his chat with the media afterward.

  4. It’s not the tam that is letting him down…It’s Renault and it’s them who should be catching a gobfull not RB.

    • Don’t know what you really ment by your ‘sent to his room’ remark…
      But one of the first statements about Max leaving the track for his hotel was something like ‘Max was advised by his team’ or ‘RedBull thought it best to go to his hotel’. I think RedBull did pick up the 25k fine.

  5.….talking about taking sentences out of context and creating click bait. The author must have a personal grudge against Max I guess.
    He never slammed his team, in fact he stated that they work really hard to get things up running in perfect order and are as gutted as he is when a failure occurs. He’s pretty much putting the blame on Renault and not his team.
    He also stayed on the circuit for the first half hour after his DNF and talked things over with his engineer, before leaving the track to his hotel. In his current state of mind he reckoned it was wiser to leave than to stay and talk to the press. After hearing RIC won the race and knowing what position he had before the technical issue, of course he stated he was in no mood to celebrate.
    Perhaps learning how to translate a Dutch interview and then keeping things in context can make this article a bit more unbiased compared to what it is now.

  6. Poor old max. He is not even allowed to publicly blame the real culprit, Renault. He has instead to blame Tag Heuer! That is enought to make anyone sulk!

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