Toto Wolff “our car is the fastest on the grid”

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Toto_Wolff_2014A statement, which, is a quite a turnaround in a week, when in post race Canadian interviews where Wolff (in my opinion tried to take the pressure off his team) TJ13 reported his statement that his team were now “underdogs” in the 2017 campaign.

This weekend continues with Round Eight of the 2017 season from the Baku City Circuit.

Speaking directly from Mercedes HQ Wolff told us:

Seeing all the analysis that had been done after Monaco come together so well in Canada gave us great satisfaction. Now, it’s about maintaining that momentum.

That’s the nice bit and also the difficult bit in Formula One. The last race doesn’t count any more. You’re being benchmarked constantly on the current performance. Public companies issue reports four times per year. We do it 20 times, on a very public platform – the race track.


When you have a bad day, you can either be downbeat about it or pull yourself up and start to act on it. This is what we have done. We moved on – and these are the days that make you progress much more than the good days. Like the old saying goes, success is a lousy teacher. Every time we’ve had a difficult weekend we have come back stronger. And that speaks volumes for the people in this team.

‘It’s about making the best out of it each time’

In this season, where it’s so close, you need to take it one race at a time and try to have the best package at each race – chassis, Power Unit, and drivers. This is how we are approaching it and that’s the only way.

It’s a long Championship. There will be weekends that are good and ones that are not so good. It’s about making the best out of it each time – maximising the points that are on the table during the difficult times and bringing the trophies home when everything does come together.

Lewis is in the best place I have seen him during any of the last five years since he joined the team. Not only because he had a great weekend in Montreal – but because he is coping so well with the difficult days. This is what the very best are made of. When the fight gets tough, they get over it quickly and maximise their opportunities.

‘I believe our car is the fastest on the grid and I wouldn’t want any other’


Likewise, Valtteri is in a strong position. You would never think he joined the team very last minute over the winter and, after, seven Grands Prix, he has exceeded even our expectations. He’s been on pole, won a race and challenged Lewis on both Saturday and Sundays. For him, it’s now just about putting it all together every single weekend and I have no doubt he will do that.

In terms of the car, we’ve joked about it being a bit of a diva. But it’s a good car – though sometimes it can be difficult. This is something we have to accept so that we can understand and appreciate the many positive characteristics that it has. I believe our car is the fastest on the grid and I wouldn’t want any other.

It’s always interesting to discover new places and I really didn’t know what to expect going to Azerbaijan for the first time last year. They’ve done a great job with the circuit, the city centre is beautiful, the infrastructure works well and our hosts look after us well, so I’m looking forward to going back again.

Next weekend we will be paying a second to Azerbaijan, the latest addition to the Formula One calendar.  Baku is host to the fastest street circuit in Formula One racing, on a layout designed by renowned F1 track architect Hermann Tilke


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  1. Somehow when Toto Wolff is quoted, i can’t read it without his dialect. Sorry. Still baffled about this weekend race in Le Mans. I will give your article a try in the morning.

    But hey! Still first comment. 😁

  2. Couldn’t resist this quote:
    ‘You would never think he joined the team very last minute over the winter…’
    Yeah right! It was more predictable than the wheater tomorrow.

    • My guess is simple, if they work hard to improve both cars, thats what the challenge is about. Anything can happen in any race, so one never knows what the outcome looks like. My hats off to Lewis and Bottoa because both want to win as a team. Its still early so my best guess is for this team throughout the season to win period.

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