Canadian Grand Prix to stay until at least 2029

REUTERS: The Canadian Grand Prix will get a new contract and stay on the Formula One schedule until at least 2029, local media reported on Friday.

According to reports, the contract extension from 2025-2029 will be announced this weekend in Montreal, where the Formula One race will be held on Sunday.

The Canadian Grand Prix has been part of the Formula One circuit since 1967, held in all but three years since, and this year sees the Canadian Grand Prix celebrates its 50th year anniversary.

The race existed prior to being a round of the F1 championship – the inaugural Canadian Grand Prix was held in 1961 in Mosport Park, with Peter Ryan taking the victory in a Lotus-Climax – a result which would lead to Ryan having his one opportunity to drive in a Grand Prix at the US Grand Prix in Watkins Glen later that year. The first Canadian Grand Prix on the F1 calendar in 1967 saw Jack Brabham the winner at Mosport Park. In the early years the F1 race was alternated between Mosport Park and Mont-Tremblant, but Mosport took the race full time from 1971.

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