Alonso wants to be ‘sexy’

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Fernando Alonso has seen some difficult times at McLaren. However, he still remains highly motivated and hasn’t given up dreams of success.

For the introduction of the new McLaren MCL32, the team’s title-stormer , Alonso was interviewed by La Marca.

“It’s fantastic to see it complete the first time, yesterday they were still developing parts. I’m excited, it’s great to see the classic orange colours of McLaren and the new rules make it look spectacular”

“Do I think it is sexy? For it to be sexy, it needs to be fast. Let’s find out whether it is sexy” said the double world champion.

However Fernando does believe it one of the most beautiful, aesthetically pleasing McLarens. “It is probably one of the most beautiful cars that I have driven, or will drive, for the past 16 years. The wide stance, those big tires and all looks sexy and it is one of the best looking designs which I have seen on the internet this week. It is definitely the one I would choose aestheticly” commented the Spaniard.

“We will need to see if it will be successful separating the boys from the men, but we will have some answers after Barcelona test and the first two races. F1 is off to a big change this year and I hope and wish for McLaren to make a success out of it”, said Fernando.

Nonetheless, the Spaniard insists everyone to remain calm, since “we come from two difficult years and this is important to McLaren. We have high hopes that we can return to where we deserve to be, but we have to wait. F1 is not an exact science, it is a very complex sport. We can’t  promise our fans just anything, we can only work hard, make many kilometers during the winter season and gather as much information as we can”, observes the double world champion.

“But we are here because we want to win. It might seem the that team only started working today, but we have been working seven months, 24 hours a day and that’s because we want to be champions of the world”.

Alonso does not expect to be winning right away, but surely would like to avoid being back-markers like they have been the last couple of seasons when joining forces with returning engine suppliers Honda.

McLaren has seen the largest management change since a long time, when Zak Brown replaced long time CEO Ron Dennis. New regulations, new engine, new CEO, will things finally fall in place for the plagued team? McLaren’s budget dictates they set the sights high and go for the ultimate prize of a world championship

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  1. I think the new McLaren livery is hideous. And with the car designation change from MP4 to MCL Zak Brown is simply trying to erase the memory of Ron Dennis.

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