Verstappen wants new name

Max Verstappen has filled a request with the Formula One Management in order to get a new abbreviation.
For the first two years of his Formula One racing career the young Dutchman was reffered to, on televisionscreens, as ‘VES’.
This was because ‘VER’ was being used for Jean Eric Vergne. Even when the Frenchman wasn’t active in Formula One anymore, he still held the rights to that particular abbreviation. In 2017 those rights won’t be his anymore. Therefore Verstappen wants to drive under the ‘VER’ label.
The young racer, and his management, have officially filled a request at FOM. But the commercial rights holder of Formula One have not responded to the request. Yet.
It could be argued that there should be more departures from the First Three Letters rule. It works for Verstappen, but often the First Three Letters are not always the best, most representative, way to indicate the the drivers name. Actually leaving out a vowel will provide a better abbreviation of the drivers full name than just using the first three letters. Especially with short names.

Some good examples are Esteban Ocon. OCN approximates his full name more closely than OCO. You get the syllables by doing that.

Another is Jordan King. KNG is superior to KIN, again because it approximates his full name. “NG” is more important than the vowel.

Alexander Rossi. They were forced to use RSI because Rosberg already had ROS, but RSI would have been better to begin with. Again, two syllables for the price of one.

The Schumacher family subscribe to leaving out vowels too. Michael had to use MSC when his brother Ralph joined F1 under RSC. Incidentally Michael’s son Mick uses SCM.
We cannot finish thus article without mentioning the best combination of TV abbreviations we’ll sadly never see again. Button leading ahead of Grosjean and Perez bringing up the rear produces the internet legend that is BUT GRO PER.
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14 responses to “Verstappen wants new name

  1. If Michael Schumacher was MSC and Ralf was RSC, that already shows that the ‘First Three Letters rule’ has never been much of a rule. However, if this is more rigorously applied now, I fail to see how Mick can arrive at SCM (which, incidentally, using the ‘missing vowels’ suggestion becomes rather inconveniently, SCUM) and should surely be SCH. And, using the Schumacher rule, shouldn’t Max become MVE?

  2. Would anybody care to explain to me why Max Verstappen has a seat in F1? The boy has proved to be completely out of his depth in this pinnacle of motorsport. And yet, nobody can so much as mention that another driver might be better than “the boss” without (Dutch) posters becoming outraged. Consider this:
    -MV has been consistently creamed by his teammates: Ricciardo, Sainz (consider Carlos could have had many more points if it weren’t for his awful luck), and yet Max suggests Sainz is not good for the team. Gee Max, but you said he’s “blablabla”…Oh wait, that’s probably why, you’re just scared of him.
    -MV has been hailed the king of gravel, spinning out when confronted by speed. And as far as racing is concerned he’s hopeless.
    -MV is astonishingly arrogant, whether he’s breaking karts at karting tracks, or using Lotus as a revolutionary braking devices. Max even had the gall to say that in the future he would make it harder for Ferrari to lap him! I guess Jos doesn’t think he made it too hard on Monty in Brazil!

    So, Max, why are you in F1 when there are so many more qualified people in F1?

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