Football league style, two tier F1 proposed by Max


On this Day in F1 – 2006

Max Mosley faced much criticism after proposing a football league like promotion and relegation system in Formula One.

“What ought to happen, and we are nowhere near sorting this out, is that we should have a feeder formula for Formula One, like a sort of F3000/GP2, but properly regulated for that purpose,” said Max Mosley.

“And then have some of system where the best from that had an opportunity to go up and the worst of the F1 teams had to consider going down.”

The obvious issue with such a plan is the huge gap in budgets between GP2 and F1 teams. Mosley suggested that Ecclestone should distribute the prize money in F1 more evenly…. unsurprisingly the plan was met by deaf ears. Some things never change.

If there were to be a ‘League Two’ F1, could that be a GP1 semi-spec series?

Please could the Jury let us know your thoughts to such a system, could it work?

7 responses to “Football league style, two tier F1 proposed by Max

  1. The main reason this would be difficult to adopt is the lead times to design ‘next’ years chassis. GP2 or F2 teams fighting for the title/promotion would not want to risk money doing this. Unless perhaps one of the top teams provide the new team with a customer design as a basis?

  2. Amusing that Spanky essentially gave the F1 commercial rights to Ecclestone for nothing – then complained they weren’t being distributed fairly. Maybe the FIA should have kept the rights eh Max.

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