Leaked Spy Shot of 2017 McLaren MCL32?

It’s very possible that the images in this article are that of the new McLaren car for 2017 or are at least very similar to what you’ll see running in Barcelona.

These leaked pictures were obtained via one of McLaren’s partners, a graphical studio based in the UK. Apparently, the studio have worked for McLaren before several times going back to 2009 so it does lend some credibility to the images.


Of course McLaren have denied that these pictures are renderings of their new 2017 car – the MCL32. Their Twitter account strenuously tweeting that it isn’t their car. It might well be that these pictures are purely a hoax or at least an early iteration of the car.

The MCL32 is due for it’s first public display on 24th February at McLarens Woking base in Surrey, England. New CEO Zak Brown has promised that fans will be “excited” by the new livery and he  confirmed that the design of the new car would not be conventional.

Indeed, if these renders are anything to go by, the nose is of particular interest with the section ‘scooped’ out in what would be an odd aerodynamic solution, not too dissimilar to the 2009 Red Bull RB5 nose. 

If true, McLaren and Alonso fans could be somewhat worried about such an unconventional concept of both car and engine. Honda revealed yesterday that their new 2017 Power Unit was a ‘high risk’ design now that F1’s token system has been abolished.



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Speaking to Autosport, Honda engine boss Yasuke Hasegawa did not elaborate on the details of the changes but did say the winter redesign comes with a high level of risk.

“The concept is completely different,” he said. “It’s very high risk, we don’t know a lot of things about that new concept.

“We know it will give us a performance advantage but the biggest risk is whether we can realise that potential this year.”

We all wait with baited breath.

7 responses to “Leaked Spy Shot of 2017 McLaren MCL32?

  1. looks like crap. either ”spy”-job or McLaren paint-job. or this article altogether. i bet on the third one – sorry. i can’t see anything THAT painted to turn up even at tests! excuse me if i come out wrong

  2. “New CEO Zak Brown has promised that fans will be “excited” by the new livery and he confirmed that the design of the new car would not be conventional.”

    If changing the colour to something that was used for a couple of seasons 50 years ago is going to get McLaren fans excited – then McLaren fans must be the dullest F1 fans around. He’s also said repeatedly that McLaren aren’t going to win this year. And Honda are now saying their new engine is “very high risk” – which means expect a lot of failures. Expect to see Alonso in the WEC in 2018.

  3. Or it all comes together and the last available engine blows in the outlap of the last race as a sort of fireworks to celebrate Alonso’s championship. Surprise me McLaren.

  4. If recent history is anything to go by(getting rid of anything and everything associated to Ron Dennis) then I don’t see anything spectacular coming from the MCL… But as my ex says I’m always wrong…

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