Concept 2017 Ferrari F1 car revealed by Italian Media


The Italian media outlet, La Gazzetta have revealed their concept of Ferrari’s F1 car for the 2017 season.

So why should we pay attention? Previously revealed cars from other seasons have been remarkably close to their final renderings, likely pointing to La Gazzetta having a source within the team.

Details of the design are:

– Shark fin engine cover
– New nose (W07 style)
– Combustion chamber development
– Bigger intercoolers

The mention of ICE development fits in with the latest rumour from Italy that the team are attempting to compensate for the aero issues inherent with the car design. It might look great but will it be a lemon?

During the last major aero shakeup in 2009, Ferrari produced what is arguably the prettiest of the bunch. Unfortunately the F60 was not a great car and suffered with poor performance compared to it’s rivals. Admittedly the inclusion of the then new KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) proved heavy and certainly a hinderance rather than a benefit.


Ever since then, Ferrari have had issues correlating data between their wind tunnel, computer CFD (computational fluid dynamics – ie aero simulation) and real world track performance and this year appears no different.

Should the Tifosi be denied seeing their great marque challenge for wins for yet another year, and possibly even another rule set period – heads will certain roll (again) in Maranello.

It seems almost certain we’ll see ‘shark fin’ engine covers return to F1. Question is, do you – the Jury – like them?

9 responses to “Concept 2017 Ferrari F1 car revealed by Italian Media

  1. The real question is why are they still having problems with data correlation between cfd, wind tunnel and on track data? They spent millions of $ on upgrading their wind tunnel but still major problems.
    Could it be that the cfd program is in English and thier language translator into Italian suxs? Or have the let go all the good engineers Infavour of bad Italian ones? When ever Farrari decide to have a compleat lay Italian work force the car suxs compared to when they have a truely international squad?

    • What a humouress racist fool you appear to be…

      Whatever the truth of the Ferrari situation, over the last three years, only Red Bull and Mercedes have bettered them.

      Bear in mind that the Mercedes lead designer is one of those stupid Italians you mention and that the likes of Williams, Mclaren and Force India are filled with 100’s of intelligent non Italians who can’t compete at the front either!!

      Then again, maybe you have a point. If craig Scarborough and (the italian) Giorgio Piola can look at the cars and ascertain how they work – the 1,000 odd idiots at Ferrari are truly f******* dense…

  2. “Unfortunately the F60 was not a great car and suffered with poor performance compared to it’s rivals.”

    Oh come on. Brawn won half the races in 2009 due to the double diffusers and Ferrari had press into service Badoer and Fisichella for the last 7 races after Massa was injured in Hungary, and yet only finished 1 point behind McLaren. Räikkönen had one win and three other podiums in the last 8 races. Once Ferrari got the double diffuser issue straightened out it was very competitive.

    • Indeed both Mclaren and Ferrari ‘enjoyed’ kers back then. I never said McLaren was better but Woking still finished ahead. Perhaps that was more down to SF choice of reserve driver admittedly but it was a beautiful, but crap, contender

  3. – Combustion chamber development
    – Bigger intercoolers

    You can’t have one without the other.

    We’ll find out in 10 days.

  4. “Older comments”
    “Newer comments”-buttons appear on the mobile site. Is this intended?

    On topic: shark fins suck, they’re ugly.
    But how come they cant get their data to correlate? This is going on really long, especially for a team with such a budget.

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