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Summarised F1 news from across the internet: 30th November 2016

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Previous points system would’ve made Lewis champion


If’s and but’s but it’s interesting to see how things might’ve panned out if the FIA hadn’t have scrapped the previous points systems. We can blame Michael Schumacher for the last occasion, an effort to elongate the season during Michaels dominance of the early 2000’s. The top 10 now receive points whereas the old 10, 8, 6 system would’ve seen Nico Rosberg losing out to Lewis after Hulkenbergs overtake in Monaco.

What could’ve been for the #Hamfosi.


Credit to Reddit user u/Jamee999


‘I would have done the same as Lewis,’ says Carlos Sainz

Toro Rosso’s Carlos Sainz says that had he been in Lewis Hamilton’s shoes last Sunday, he would have resorted to the same backing-up tactic employed by the Mercedes driver to try and secure the title.

“I would do it,” Sainz admitted.

“When you are a winner and you want to win a world title, you always have to try everything you can – always inside the rules, like he did.

“In the end he did nothing outside of the rules, so I support Lewis’s decision.



Felipe Massa in talks to be F1 television pundit (GMM)

Brazil’s UOL Esporte claims that the Brazilian is set to sign up as a regular commentator or pundit. The report says that Massa is therefore negotiating with Sky Italia, whose current broadcasting team includes Jean Alesi and Jacques Villeneuve, and former GP2 champion Davide Valsecchi.



Monza secured on F1 calendar

After a delay in contract negotiations, the Italian Grand Prix at Monza has officially been confirmed for the next three seasons.

Earlier in the year at the Italian Grand Prix, Bernie Ecclestone revealed that a deal was agreed with Monza but there was still no official confirmation.

However, with Monza was confirmed during a meeting at the World Motor Sport Council discussing the 2017 race calendar, Formula 1 is set to receive €22m in 2017 and 2018 and €24m in 2019, according to the BBC.


Note from ED: TJ13 broke this story in June this year.


Rosberg’s celebration party lasted until 09:00

Formula One champion Nico Rosberg said he should get a trophy for partying into the next day following his win in Abu Dhabi on Sunday.

“I can confirm that I am a double world champion, because we became the party champions on Sunday night. It was big – epic, massive!” he told the BBC.



On this day in F1 – 2004 Kimi and the inflatable dolphin

Kimi Raikkonen was forced into an embarrassing but less than fullsome apology after being photographed cavorting with a singer and then collapsed in a heap on top of an inflatable dolphin outside a nightclub in Gran Caneria. “I’m sorry,” he said when details of the seven-hour bender hit the headlines. “I had a few drinks and danced, why not?” It was one of several such incidents involving Raikkonen during what has been a colourful career.

Credit: ESPN

23 responses to “Hamilton would’ve been 2016 WDC if…

  1. 5pts… next to nothing… man, that’s going to hurt for some time. A “what-if” year, if ever there was one. Delizioso.

    I’m thinking there’ll be fewer 3am recording sessions on the eve of a Grand Prix. Or maybe not. Fingers crossed for not. 😀

  2. Clutching at straws…

    If this season had been a normal season and not the longest in history Rosberg would have won earlier.

    If this had been a 16 race season Rosberg would have been champion.

    If the Chinese calender aligned with the chakras of the world….

    F*** it. Nico is champion despite his ultimate lack of talent. Never has the parable of the tortoise and the hare been so beautifully crafted in real life.

    Maybe, just maybe, the pain of defeat will stop the partying till 3am and we’ll have a season of brilliance. Or maybe because a man-boy wants to prove a point, it will get worse

    Who cares.

  3. “The previous system rewarded only the top 6 drivers but in an effort to elongate the season during Michaels dominance of the early 2000’s.”

    Sort of true. Prior to 1981 drivers didn’t necessarily keep all the points they scored. As an example – in 1980 only the best five results from the first seven races and the best five results from the remaining seven races could be retained by each driver. Alan Jones who won the championship actually scored 71 points but was only allowed to keep 67.

    • Using the 1991-2002 points system, Massa wins the 2008 championship with 83 points to Hamilton’s 80 points.
      Maybe we could go back to the 1950’s when the fastest lap counted for a point?

    • @Andy from Beaverton

      Using the 2035-2043 points system, (50-40-35-30-25-20-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1) wouldn’t have made any difference to the title, but extra points for overtaking, fastest laps, and pole position, & deductions for carbon tax penalties, component-recycling, and total budget, mean Sauber take the Constructors’ (mostly down to being Swiss-based and maxing out on the ‘green points’ for low carbon and recycling), and the Drivers’ goes to Alonso for consistently dragging this years McLaren further up the grid than it deserved…

      @Racer’s Ramblings – Future-You said to say ‘Hi!’. (and something about a Sports Almanac…)

      • You forgot that in the 2035-2043 point system, you also get points for being a minority, a LGBT member and obesity will be rewarded with bonus energy from the power unit. For every point gained in the previous Grand Prix, the driver’s car will an additional kilogram of ballast. Finally, trophies will be handed out to every participant and every trophy will be the same.

  4. I don’t think Hamilton would take this as seriously as to cut his 3am recording sessions short. He is already proud of himself, feels he’s done everything he had to do this season to win and you can’t win them all. So, he clearly feels he’s done all he can to win, going to sleep earlier and less continent hopping wouldn’t have changed a thinh, and in the end, who is the better driver? He said himself he is, UK media all agree, and the stats show that too, if not the points.
    As a UK newspaper wrote, Mercedes need to sit down and have a serious think about the way they behaving. You see, Hamilton is Mercedes best and most valuable asset, it’s not actually the winning car they’ve produced 🙂

    • The impression I get is that Lewis thinks he did nothing wrong all season and that if the car didn’t break he would have won the championship again so why would he change anything?

  5. The scheme brought in to end Schumi’s dominance was the 10-8-6 etc (screw the winner system), under which Nico still would have won the championship (although it didn’t really work, pesky Schumi kept winning anyway, a better bet might have been an 8-10-6 system!!!).
    The 25-18-15 came later as the grid expanded with the addition of the new teams (as we all know, whatever expands must eventually contract, see HRT, Lotus/Caterham etc :-))

    aaa, but they knew the rules before the season started anyway, congrats to Nico, can’t stand the begrudgery, he’s champion, fair play.

    • I’ve always disliked the screw the winner points systems… Artificial attempts to keep the championship alive for purely commercial reasons, at the expense of choosing the most deserving winner… The current 25-18-15 system was a move in the right direction, but something with a big drop along the lines of 10-6-4, or dropped rounds would be much better.
      Of course this point is only worth arguing in regards to the future because – as you said – they knew the rules this year before the season started, and rosberg drove accordingly in the late part of the season.

      • Totally agree Willo – only for the future….after all, maybe Nico would have won the last 4 had he needed…unlikely…but we’ll never know.always liked 10-6-4 myself, to the victor goes the spoils!!

  6. Mercedes, in oarticular, Toto Wolff are playing favoritism, with as much discretion as possible and under the table. And it is NOT Lewis Hamilton who is favored.

    The notion of a black driver (and all he brings with him) leading this German team is making a lot of people at Stuttgart uncomfortable.

    Shame on them. Toto Wolff needs to be unmasked. And Lauda is not that far behind.

    Wolff, Lauda, Marko…. are all made of the same cloth. Sad to say, but I believe that the are racist.

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