Monza saved for 4 more years



Ongoing negotiations between the President of ACI and Ecclestone appear to be resolved although said president had this to say about his dealings with Mr E.

“It’s a complex situation, we struggled and we are confronted with the most skilled negotiator in the world.”

Monza promoter Sias whose task is negotiating with Mr E about appears to have to be negotiating “a contract of four instead of seven years”. The parties have been at the negotiation table during the conference presentation of Rally Italy Sardinia 2016.

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Sticchi Damiani continues: “The situation of the Monza GP is very complex, it is a battle we have to fight because Italy can not and should not lose Formula 1. We hope there might be a convergence on this without issues and, unfortunately, the likely result is an increase in costs to host”.

Obviously the dealings have left a sour taste in the mouth as Damiani reveals that Ecclestone does not like to have a single person to deal with, but deals with as many parties as possible and so creates an auction in order get the best result possible for himself.


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  1. For the last 39 years I have travel to almost all of F1 venues (over 100 races) and no f1 event can match Monza for ambiance and color. I hope Mr. E will fade away before the next Monza contract.

  2. I know this page is dedicated to F1, but I’ll assume that some of us are also fans of boxing, but we all knew who Muhammad Ali was/is. Today we lost arguably the greatest sportsperson of all time.

    He was not only a a great fighter, but also a great man outside of the ring and there may never be another like him. He talked that talk and he walked that walk. So I hope i speak for you all when I say, rest in peace Muhammad Ali, you will forever be missed and loved by us all.

    “I told you I was the greatest”, “I shook up the world”

    • He had a dark side. Cheated on at least 1 fight, e.g early in his career against Cooper, and there was a lot of talk about his way of dealing with women. Supremely gifted though and did an awful lot of good in our world. Not an angel though. But then he was a boxer after all.

  3. fortis, seconding you in all you said, I lived him trough all his boxing fights, boxed like never seen before. flew like a butterfly, talked like nobody did before him.

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