Rosberg on Hamilton: “He’s just an amazing driver, one of the best in history”

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Summarised F1 news from across the internet: 29th November 2016

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Rosberg shows us how to be a true sportsman

“It feels like I’ve been racing him forever, and always he just managed to edge me out. He’s just an amazing driver, one of the best in history. It’s unbelievably especial to beat him, because the level is so high.”


Nico Rosberg says debate over rival’s tactics is ‘pointless’

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 live, Rosberg refused to be drawn on the subject, saying he “respected” Hamilton because they were “really good friends back in the day”.

Rosberg said he “understood” the Briton’s tactics. “It’s done, it’s a thing of the past and it’s fine,” said the German


Mercedes worried about the technical revamp for 2017

Mercedes motorsport chief Toto Wolff admitted his team is not delighted with the way F1 takes with the significant technical changes for 2017. The Austrian expressed concerns about the impact the heavily revised aerodynamics could have on overtaking.


Formula 1 is approaching a new era in technical means in 2017 with wider tyres and higher downforce levels. The aim with the technical reshuffle was to pose a bigger physical challenge to the drivers and make F1 cars faster so that they can stand out even more dominantly with their speed from other categories.

“Honestly, we weren’t big supporters of a regulation change. Not because we wanted to freeze the current situation, It’s clear that when regulations stay stable that eventually performance is going to converge. But because we weren’t sure that it is the right way for Formula One.”


Some pictures of today’s test in Abu Dhabi of the new tyres

red-bull-2016-with-2017-wide-tyres mercedes-2016-with-2017-wide-tyres ferrari-2017-test-mule

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10 responses to “Rosberg on Hamilton: “He’s just an amazing driver, one of the best in history”

      • Nothing to do with Merc – as a fan I see too much aero being a problem following other cars and therefore getting close enough to overtake. The only hope is if the wider tyres allow for more mechanical grip on exit and entry (braking) to corners.

  1. Monaco and Co are going to be a hoot😂 it will certainly increase mechanical traction but at what cost? Let the aero regs be unrestricted and bring back ground effect maybe then the non factory teams can find a crack.

      • I am not so sure Cav,I f the cars could have modern active suspension and maybe active side skirts it may have worked but I do have to agree that the early motors needed to be outlawed

        • The problem isn’t ground effects when it’s working – it’s when you lose it. And I’ve seen it happen on the track with my own eyes on a couple occasions and it frightening to see. Cars literally get launched into the air when they lose the “vacuum” under the car. Lose a front or rear wing today and you lose some control. Lose ground effects at speed and you have absolutely no control. It was banned because it was lethal. Leave it banned.

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