Verstappen: ‘positive to be talked about’

max-ferrari.jpgRed Bulls’s teenage dutch sensation Max Verstappen loves being under the spotlight of F1 this year, and has said it is a good thing when people talk. 

Max has come under pressure this year for his aggressive driving style, where he has been criticised for moving under the braking line, or more than once across the circuit during combat. Max remains defiant though, and doesn’t really give ‘two hoots’ about what people say about him.

“I always consider it very positive when you are a talking point in F1,” said Max.

“Whether this is negative or positive, it does not matter. As long as they talk about you, it’s a good thing.

“The attention does not really affect me. For me, the most important thing is to deliver on track and that’s what I’m focusing on.”

Verstappen became the youngest Grand Prix winner in history this year, winning for Red Bull on his maiden outing for the team. The controversial team swap with Daniil Kvyat appeared justified, and as a result Max’s star has continued to rise.

Whilst driving for sister team Toro Rosso in Sepang last year, Max became the youngest points scorer in F1 history with an impressive 7th place finish.

“My memories from the race in Malaysia last year are very positive,” he reflected.

“The weekend started off pretty difficult but we managed to turn it around… even in qualifying already (he was sixth on the grid) and then in the race I did not have an easy start but from there on I enjoyed it.

“There’s good racing on that track where the humidity is a bit harder on your body but that makes it also more interesting so I am looking forward to going back there.”

And with two long straights to defend track position, run up to Les Combes anyone?

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