Bianchi: Suzuka 2014 was ‘a complete mess’

TJ13 from the start reported on the Bianchi family desire to sue the sports governing body over the death of their son, Jules. (read more)

Below is a sample of last year’s news story finishing with TJ13’s desire that those responsible for Jules’ terrible crash, to one day be held in account at a proper court of law and not the Mickey Mouse internal investigation which concluded the matter.



Jules Bianchi’s family have been relatively quiet since the accident in Suzuka and the subsequent white wash FIA investigation, which implied Bianchi had some sort of contributory negligence for his accident.

There have been maybe three or four public statements made by the family, but each time the content has been justifiably focused on how Jules is progressing and how the family is feeling.

Bianchi’s father yesterday spoke to local newspaper Nice-Matin. The reporter describes the difficult atmosphere he encountered when interviewing Phillippe at his home. There were long silences, followed by a flurry of spoken consciousness, which revealed the evils that beset Jules dad.

Jules is stable, he exists without the help of any life support machines, but the surgeons say there is no interventions which can be made which would assist him to regain consciousness. The never-ending wait, is interminable and the family are present by Jules’ side 24 hours a day in shifts in the hope it helps the young man.

Phillippe runs kart circuits which he attends every day, but they provoke memories of Jules; his son in his prime – full of vitality and life. This is clearly a bittersweet burden Phillippe feels he should daily bear.

When asked about the FIA investigation, Jules dad is curt. “It was just an internal investigation, only for the benefit of those who instigated it”. He quickly shuts down concluding, “I have nothing new to say on this.”

Phillippe Bianchi is a man who has nothing to lose, for now he has lost his precious son and his family suffers the daily torture of seeing Jules helpless and unable to communicate with them.

Yet in a final act of defiance, Jules father feels compelled to reveal to the reporter; “Very good people are involved at this time to defend the interests of Julius”. Philippe makes it clear if necessary layers will be instructed and “they will pay”.

“Frankly, I’m too upset to talk about this. I prefer to focus my energy for now on Jules.”

TJ13 sends it’s heartfelt wishes to the Bianchi family at this time. We believe we were right to expose the failings and improper actions taken by certain FIA officers on that fateful day in Suzuka. But being right or wrong is of no consolation when considering Jules plight.

Hopefully those who were negligent, consumed with their silly game of F1 and the petty politics – all of which contributed to what happened in Suzuka 2014 – will one day be held to account.


The family decided to take action around Christmas of last year and pursue the Marussia F1 team along with the FIA themselves citing that “The conclusions of [the FIA’s internal] investigation were shocking. How can the people conducting the investigation be the same people who were being investigated? Is this not a conflict of interest?”

The latest news to emerge from this case is Jules’ father, Philippe, has been interviewed by the French publication where he explains clearly the motivations behind the legal action “I repeat that errors were clearly made,”

“Jules didn’t have an accident related to the risks when racing. All the accidents I have seen, even the most terrible, there are always replays, but this time there were no FOM pictures to show what really happened.

“People attack me because they want to keep their privilege life in F1, but they do not affect me. But if it was said ‘Yes, errors were made, but we can’t go back’, then that would be a step forward. I hired lawyers so that the truth could be found out and those responsible pay for their mistakes. I cannot imagine any parents, including those who criticise us, not doing the same as us if this happened to their child.” he stressed.

When Henry Surtees and Felipe Massa’s accidents were mentioned, Philippe Bianchi admitted that I would have said nothing. He [Jules] was aware of the deliberate risk he is taking. But his accident was a mess. “

We have yet to confirm any further details of the coming hearing.

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  1. Bernie’s group are only interested in TV schedule and take risk with other peoples life. They had opportunity of running early and Honda (track owner) did not agree because it would prevent spectators not to arrive on time. Later the TV slot was important and the race could not be run on Monday due to the Russia race the following week. Any F1 race that the medical helicopters can not fly should not start. Bernie’s clowns played with the driver’s lifes.

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