Hamilton & Rosberg bad starts likely to continue

It’s been remarkable just how poor Mercedes team are at starting a race this season, particularly with Hamilton.

He took most of the blame for Monza when he lost the lead from pole but in reality, the root cause of the issues appear to be the Mercedes clutch as Hamilton revealed when asked the question.

“Of course we never stop learning and improving. [In Monza] we would have learnt again. This year has been harder with our clutch and they will be working very hard. It is not a quick fix and something you can change each race.

We have made improvements and seen consistency with our starts but we are still caught out by the variations from one weekend to another. We do practice starts all weekend and they vary a little bit but sometimes we get a drastic variation on the grid.

It is something we will continue to work on and it will be the only thing we will talk about [between races] because everything else we’ve been doing really well. We will try to work and give us much information to learn and see if we can do more. We are not struggling with getting pole positions it is just getting of the line.”

It’s a little odd how ‘the variations’ from each weekend to another would result in consistently poor starts by Mercedes. The team more or less ace nearly every other aspect of their weekends so frankly for a team with their resources, the clutch issue really is a poor excuse.


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    • Is there even much feathering of the single-lever clutch these days? I thought that once the bite-point was set via computer, it was sort of ‘dump-and-pray’ off the line?

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