Haas upgrade for Singapore

formula-1-factory-hq-guenther-steiner-haas_3391278The American based Haas team, have confirmed they will be bringing upgrades to the forthcoming Singapore Grand Prix.

The update in question was infact developed during the European summer, ‘now’ being the right time to bring the update it to the track. The Haas team have had a credible first year in the sport as a constructor, but they strive to improve in their development ability. The new upgrades will include a new front wing, modified brake ducts and a revised floor section.

Hass team boss Gunther Steiner hinted that he new package is expected to reduce corner sensitivity from the car, ensuring a more consistent feel for the drivers.

“We finished developing this year’s car completely more than two months ago,” said Steiner.

“These changes came from wind tunnel data and it took a little bit of time to develop the parts.

“We took our time so we are better prepared for next year. This is the last update for the 2016 car.”

Great to see that Haas continue to bring updates to the 2016 chassis, Steiner also confirmed however that the team are deeply involved on the 2017 car and have been for the past two months.

“We’ve been using a 60-percent scale model car in the wind tunnel since February, but from February to June we developed both cars (2016 and 2017) simultaneously,” he confirmed.

“In the past two-and-a-half months, it’s been all hands on deck developing the 2017 car.”

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