Jenson: ‘so many options’

10JAN17-McLarens-Jenson-ButtonBritain’s Jenson Button has given the rumour mongers another angle to play with, after admitting that he is really excited by the prospects of life after formula one.

The 2009 World champion and fan favourite, is currently participating in his 17th season on the grid. There have been numerous rumours lately linking Jenson with a return to the Williams team, with whom he started his F1 journey all those years ago. A stay at McLaren for 2017 isn’t completely off the table yet either, as the decision over his future appears to be down to Jenson himself.

Jenson went on to suggest that he has yet to fully make his mind up on where he will be or indeed what he will be doing next year, but is already excited about a life without schedules. Jenson also confirmed that talks with current team McLaren will start next month.

“I haven’t talked to the team yet,” said Button. “In September we are going to sit down and have a chat and decide whether I want to be racing in Formula 1 or whether they want me racing in Formula 1 or what the decision is.

 “And if I’m not racing in F1 next year, I don’t know where I’m going to be. [I’ll] have some fun.

 “I’ve lived my whole life by a schedule and suddenly I won’t be living by a schedule, which will be the first time in my 18 years as an adult, which is really exciting, whenever that does happen.”

Button also spoke about his admiration for the World Endurance Championship where he could be competing on the grid with ex-F1 rival Mark Webber, if he finds the right option.

“In terms of racing, I’d like to do other racing series in the future,” said Button.

 “I would love to be part of the WEC programme. I think I would really enjoy the camaraderie and the team effort that goes into building and racing a car for a long distance event.

 “I don’t know what the possibilities would be in the future. There needs to be space for me to start with, because that’s always very difficult, but if there was a space and it’s something I was excited about, I’d definitely do it.

 “I’d also like to do Rallycross in the future, something my dad did. There’s lot of things I’d love to do.

 “There are so many options, not just in motorsport, but in other sports, in life.”

 There is also the possibility of a TV career on the re-vamped BBC programme ‘Top Gear’. Whatever happens, fun will need to be on the menu.

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  1. I’m not so sure if the decision really hinges so much on what Jenson wants,or how much they will consider it.I think it gradually moves in one direction:to get Stoffel in a McLaren next year and to give Jenson and McLaren an easy and proper way to part company. Possibly by signing a deal with Williams, or for him to decide if he wants to do WEC or rally.If they extend Jenson’s contract,Stoffel will not hesitate to look elsewhere, and being a bussinessman as Dennis is,to put 4 years of money ,training and effort and having nothing to show for it go down the drain? Stoffel is already preparing for next year by driving in Japan’s superformula,( cars have similar characteristics as 2017 cars).
    My point is:if McLaren are really looking to the future as Dennis says,then Stoffel is the logical choice.There are no assurances that Jenson will stay for a few more years in F1 and they need a driver who they know will be there in the long term.

  2. Button, Alonso, Massa, Kimi it is time to go home. You have your millions so move over. There are al lot young guy’s who are waiting for a place in F1. Maybe there is an other Max in there. So make room and stop driving round in circles.

    • I find that attitude very thin.
      If a driver likes what he’s doing, and the team likes what he’s doing, then age is irrelevant.
      Alonso is still one of the best all around and Jensen is still one of the best in the wet.

      • There is no World camp in there so give a young guy a chance. Had more fun with Max the last 3 month than with the old guys the last 2 years.

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