Ferrari to copy McLaren

image53_img_640_mediumFerrari have no immediate plans to sign a ‘big-name’ replacement for departed technical boss James Allison. Team Principal Maurizio Arrivabene suggested a different approach to the Maranello structure instead.

Ferrari have slipped behind Red Bull in the constructor’s standings down to third, and have suffered the loss of technical genius James Allison. Ferrari are under big pressure from Sergio Marchionne to turn their season around sharpish, and put an end to their infighting and unite the team.

Some eyebrows were raised when James Allison’s successor was announced as being Mattia Binotto. However Arrivabene does not feel that Binotto’s lack of chassis experience, should mean that isn’t the right man to lead the team forward.

“He will work with the team to help improve the car,” said Arrivabene. “All the technicians talk to each other, but the difference is very important: there will be no more of ‘this is ‘Mr X’s’ car’.

“There will be a car that will be the result of the co-operation between all the working groups involved in the project.”

While Ferrari had considered roles for Ross Brawn and Toro Rosso’s James Key, neither have shown any interest in getting involved at Maranello.

Arrivabene went on to say that the Italian team will deploy a different wat of doing things, and the engineers will have greater input and freedom.

Ferrari intend to follow McLaren’s lead and have numerous key figures heading the organisation, as Peter Prodromou, Time Goss, and Matt Morris do for the Woking based squad.

“We are modifying our technical structure but we’ll complete this operation only when we understand if we already have in the team engineers with untapped capacity,” said Arrivabene, in reference to a push to see if there are junior staff members who can be promoted.

“I think that we have some talent. The question I ask myself though is: why, if you have these skilled people, does their talent not come out? If you have good engineers but they spend time on [less important jobs] if it clear that we are losing important opportunities.

“Our role is to show the target, and to make sure that the objectives are to be achieved. If the concepts are clear, I think we don’t need to look outside Maranello for new engineers. We are not looking for the mega-talent.

“When there is a figure like a mega-talent, it is normal for all the technical team to follow what he says. But we have not this kind of man. We are working on a new horizontal structure and the coordinator is Mattia Binotto.”

Time will only tell what happens next in the world of Ferrari F1. Results need to come quickly to relive the pressure on everyone’s shoulders. Are we seeing the concluding part of a Ferrari decline, that has been in denial since 2010? Will Sebastian have the patience of an Alonso, or choose to bail much sooner?

Get the 2017 regulations wrong and more bodies will be leaving Maranello, that’s for sure.

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  1. I agree that Ferrari’s problems start at the top with both top managers lacking the technical background to lead a technology driven sport. One of these two will need to be replaced by a man with some technical know-how. My impression is that Maurizio will be asked to leave after this season.

    • You know what they say about a horse designed by a committee… new Ferrari badge: the prancing camel!

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