Kvyat to be sacked again

Red Bull Racing are understood to be preparing for life after Daniil Kvyat. Russian news agency Izvestia reports on the matter, claiming ‘inside information’ from the fizzy drink company.

Dr Helmut Marko and Toro Rosso head Franz Tost were recently positive about the Russians future. Tost told F1.com 5 weeks ago, “I regard Daniil Kvyat very highly. He did a great job when he was driving for us. So in one respect we’ve lost a super talented driver in Max (Verstappen), but we got back another driver who is able to perform for us. He will score a lot of points for us”.

Now it appears opinions have changed.

“Red Bull had hoped the return to Toro Rosso would give Kvyat confidence, relieving the pressure on him,” the insider confirms. “It was expected that he would regularly score points and become an example for (Carlos) Sainz.

“But in the last seven races, Daniil has not fared well compared to his teammate, and the most recent setbacks seem to have finally convinced Helmut Marko to not renew the contract.”

When asked by F1.com for his 2017 driver line up, Tost revealed in June:  “It is too early to say – but I would not mind keeping what we have. But should one of the two prefer to leave there is only one other option – Pierre Gasly. All the other drivers are too young and inexperienced”.

With Gasly set to race alongside Sainz in 2017, the future in F1 looks bleak for Daniil Kvyat. He could be heading out of Formula One, as did his compatriot – Vitaly Petrov – who is the only other Russian to drive in the sport.

Being sacked from two F1 teams in one year, is something few achieve. The only question now is whether Kvyat will see out this year, or ‘go missing’ after the summer break.


4 responses to “Kvyat to be sacked again

  1. I wonder if Gasly’s got what it takes, or even will be in an STR next year. Until Silverstone he hadn’t won a race in three years and desperately needs to show he is the real deal by clinching the GP2 championship. If he doesn’t I don;t think he will be a Red Bull driver any longer.

  2. At the time of the announcement Daniil said he was really happy and hungry for success. Fast forward and he looks unworthy of staying in F1. A shame but it is all based on performance, I have got to say Dr. Marko had it right.

  3. What they did to kvyat would probably have destabilised most young drivers and even if he had performed slightly better after returning to TR it seems that his face no longer fits in Red Bull Land. It is a shame as he seems a likable chap so his future in the sport may depend on how much Bernie wants to see a Russian driver in F1.

  4. Well, he did have his share of mechanical problems … so the fact that Kvyat is not scoring much points at STR is not entirely his fault I would say

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