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“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” – George Orwell


The Judge 13 is suspending its core activity for the near future. The Judge himself and trusty sidekick Andrew Huntley-Jacobs are currently involved in an all consuming project and are unable to continue with the high quality, unique daily content which has been provided for most of the life of the site.

There will be occasional articles published by other members of the TJ13 crew, and possibly 2-3 Daily News posts with links each week.

Many thanks to all the regulars who have kept the site lively with debate in the comments — maybe we can find some way for you to continue your daily meetings.

If you love Formula One and feel you can write about the sport with a passion, feel free to contact:

For now, it’s Adios.

41 responses to “The Judge13 update

  1. It’s been a blast! Thank you so much! Let’s hope the guys here in this site carry on the flame with daily banter!

  2. I’ll most likely keep up the circuit profile articles if there’s interest. Sad to see the site go into temporary hibernation, but hopefully will be back.

  3. Thanks for the insight the site provided all of us.
    Thanks for all the good times.
    Hope it will be back soon.

  4. Far happier that it has ended than having to persevere that disappointment of late.
    Hope whatever you are working on is fun and profitable.

  5. …I’m thinking of starting a rumour that the “all consuming project” involves an engine deal, some driver contracts and crossing the palm of a certain Toad from Suffolk with pieces of silver…

    Good luck with it, guys. Y’all come back soon now, y’hear!

    • Provisional team entry for 2020 Formula One season

      TheJudge13 Honda Formula 1 Team
      – No 31, Stoffel Vandoorne
      – No 13, Felipe Nasr

  6. I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.

  7. Well, death is relative. But there will still be articles and all I can really say is watch this space, because occasionally unexpected things happen…. And FWIW reviews will still be posted here as well

    • I think it’s a shame it ends this way. Still, I will visit daily.
      (Although the mods are reasonably fast, maybe now is a good time to offer unmoderated comments. I believe you have the option to not moderate comments from people who have x comments which passed. This keeps the debate lively and constant, even in the absence of new content)

    • We Luv ya trumpets

      Always Look forwards to the race review
      (Miss the dulcet tones in the podcast though 🙁 )

  8. Been here for a long time, though I mostly just read. Wanted to say thanks Judge. This site has long been my primary F1 read, and I’ll miss it. Can only hope that I will benefit from this new project as much as I have from the last. Good luck.

  9. Sad to hear this.
    Bye Judge and make sure you come back sooner rather than latter.
    I’ll stop by on daily basis, just as I was in past few years to check on your health. 🙂

    Cheers and thanks for the great site and fun I had so far.

  10. Thanks for the fun, Judge.

    In time, some of you younger people will realise that things (such as F1 blogs) are not about what is good, or bad, but what’s unique and different. Everything, in time, becomes bland. Especially for anyone with half a brain.

    Whether this place was great in your opinion, or not, doesn’t actually matter. What matters is that it was unique and offered something different. A breath of fresh air, so to speak. For the record, I thought it was brilliant.

    Let’s face it, where else can we have had the discourse that we had over the years? No where. Guys like CSJ would’ve thrown us out, and often did, for looking at him the wrong way. Guys like JAonF1 are ok, but flavourless. Like consuming tofu. F^cking gross, right?

    The fights were brilliant. The content was great. The contributors often peerless, and most were simply fans; not in the industry itself! I am often amazed at how much knowledge and insight some people had that didn’t even race a go kart competitively. Minds that offered much more than the so called experts. Jenny, Matty, Catman, Carlo, LandBroski, Fortits, Danilo and even that passive-aggressive, funny-as-f^ck, pseudo-girly-man Spanner. The list goes on. I’ve missed heaps.

    Take care, Judge.

    Will keep checkin’ in… let me know whatever new project you do. Oh God, I promised I wouldn’t cry!!!



      • Please do! I think I speak for most of us when I say your articles are awesome. I get so excited when I see one. I think I enjoy them a bit more then some considering I am one of the younger generations and don’t know all of the history!

      • I try to be inclusive, as opposed to exclusive, of people – but with that said, your contributions were peerless, mate. Yours was a name that I immediately recalled with respect to authors I’d enjoyed reading here, aside from the Judge of course.

        And you’ve got THE best name for a racing driver! One can’t think of a better possible name! Imagine it, if you can, in Murray Walker’s voice, “…and Carlo Carluccio WINS the Grand Prix of Italy!” Maybe in another life, eh?

        ‘Never say never’ indeed. 😀


  11. So that’s what’s going on, sounds quite intriguing. Love that “Public Relations” quote. We all know the big websites only write filtered facts, opinionated bluster and political bullshite in order to please the powers that be and sell ad space! There’s no love or loyalty to F1 any more.
    Hopefully you guys are working on something which involves a new website or a spectacular upgrade to TJ13 which pulls no punches and tells it like it is.

    If you see Bernie somewhere out there in F1 land, tell him I’m his man for the handover after he buys F1 back from CVC for a song … now that they’ve ‘killed’ it and left it to rot!
    When Bernie got into the poo and CVC got their disinterested, bank balance driven, grubby little pinkies on the keys to the door, they blindly handed the reigns and the responsibility over to the FIA … sadly, we are where we are now because of it.
    Bring back the Dictatorship I say! But with a modern twist.
    Nobody loves the F1 ‘game of thrones’ more than I do but the current ‘sitcho’ is a total farce. Heads must roll and the future of F1 must be crystal clear for old fans, young fans and everyone in between!

    Anyhoooo lads … Foot to the floor, ease out the clutch, balls to the wall and keep it on the black stuff! Go hard and go straight … until you see a bend … then turn!!! 🙂

    Good luck with the new venture guys.

  12. can only hope that you are planning on overthrowing the Suffolk toad – good luck with the coup #thejudge13
    It has been a blast!

    Thanks and all the best


  13. I wonder if this all consuming project might involve working on a movie production or something? Or maybe they will start an online show to watch? Wouldn’t that be great. Watching a race preview and post race wrap up with The Judge and Huntley-Jacobs? They could even put some advertising in there to make some money!

  14. Was it just me who saw/commented on the picture of a chrysalis/cocoon that appeared on the site earlier today?
    Or is it that, indeed, I do, as suggested by Micke, need to lay off the mushrooms? (which could be difficult, as I have no recollection of my having taken them)

  15. Thanks a lot guys, I’ll never forget the first day when I converted to TJ13 from Joe Saward and never looked back. Honestly this site was more entertaining than the actual races last season. I stopped watching but kept up the TJ13 podcast. At least that’s still free. Cheers!

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