Mosley and Ecclestone: The Future of Formula One

Bernie Ecclestone and Max Mosley sat down with German News station ZDF this week. It is an extensive 30 minute interview that is worth watching it its entirety.

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  1. Sorry for being lazy, but it would really help if you could at least put 4-5 bullet points of the most important points.

  2. It is intresting. I get know why the engine rules are the engine rules. It is that the new engine rules where based on the principal get as much power out of the fuel. So thats why you have the fuel restriction. But on the other hand they are saying we should have rules so the engine suppliers could throw a heck of a lot of money to the project but get not a lot of advantisch over 3th party suppliers like cosworth. And thats where it got to complicated. Go back to the beginning and give them only 100L fuel and let them use whatever they want.

    An other thing thats playing like an broke record player is a budget cap. It is intresting that what they are saying is between the lines why not give all the teams the same start funding and let them get the rest by sponsorship. I like the idea because markting would be a whole other perspective and the fans would be more in the picture.

    There was as well a line spoken by mosley that the rule book of driver-aids could be spun around just the way you like it. In other words you could say the engeneer is a driver-aid. As is the information on the steering wheel and so on… So in theory they could change the rule book over night. Only Jean todt don’t want to play ball because he is afraid of upsetting people.

    All in all intresting stuff.

  3. Putting up these two videos (this plus the RT satirical Bernie “interview”) and the analysis of safety barrier technology is exactly what TJ13 should be doing. Thanks!
    Trouble, in this case, is that the substance of the discussion just repeats what we’ve heard from commentators, websites, blogs, magazines, F1 “faces” etc over and over again for a couple of years at least. But nothing happens. The inertia inherent in the financial interests associated with F1 is massive and it may take a complete collapse in audience figures (which Bernie insists isn’t happening) or a major scandal/catastrophe to shake things up. Whatever one thinks about Moseley his analysis of the problem and its possible solutions is pretty acute: some vested interests will have to be seriously disturbed for any change to occur. Who is going to do that? Maybe the EU – it would make a change if the Eurocrats proved useful for something.

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