#f1 Days of our Lives: Episode 3 – It’s your fault! (a trailer)

Today Vettel and Rosberg was overheard having a right old spat in Montreal. As always, TJ13 had someone close by…

F1 Days of our Lives

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One of our Intrepid Correspondents taped Vettel and Rosberg going at it full on in the paddock The following is a rough (mis)translation as the original recording is in German, a language that I almost once spoke 25 years ago.

Vettel: Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater!!! You’re the reason we don’t have the new tires so I can start winning all the races again.

© Anton Brand

© Anton Brand

Rosberg: Am not!!! Pirelli wouldn’t even let us pee without permission, much less take data home. All we wanted was to help get better tires for next year. It’s your team that’s kicked up all the fuss. Now nobody’s going to get new tires. Besides, you’re just jealous that I won Monaco and you didn’t.

Vettel: You didn’t deserve to win, my car was faster!!!

Rosberg (smugly): Not in Quali it wasn’t

Vettel: You just got lucky

Rosberg: Did not

Vettel: Did too

This goes on for an inordinately long time before someone’s Mother gets mentioned. It is not clear in the recording who said what at that point.

According to our correspondent the confrontation then degenerated into hair pulling before Brawn and Horner showed up and sent their respective drivers to their rooms for a stern talking to and a nap.

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  1. Hi Matt
    Gets better and better. Liked the graphic… but where’s the finger…? 🙂


    I could actually picture the both of them saying this to each-other XD. And given how Hörner and Domenicali are fussing about the whole tyre test thing, it’s not hard to imagine the same scene in a kid’s playground.

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