Heartbreak, betrayal and hurt this F1 weekend


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Sorry it’s been a while but I’ve been busy making masks for our local community (Thanks Boris, you owe us for putting your plans in order) and that was a more important job.

Astrologically speaking it’s fairly quiet, apart from Mars in Conjunction with the Moon, which could lead to some emotional outbursts and tantrums during the race.



What can we expect to see in the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix?


Mood for the weekend – King of Swords

What to look out for – Five of Coins

Outcome – Three of Swords



Mood for the Weekend: King of Swords

On the card, the Night King stands in the Fist of the First Men with a large Scimitar.

The suit of Swords represents the element of air, this in turn shows us logic, communication challenges and using thought processes.



Traditionally the King of Swords is a commanding, authoritarian figure who doesn’t suffer fools gladly. It’s his job to bring order from chaos. After last week’s performance at Silverstone, more attention is going to be paid to doing things properly, using the air elements to think things through, make a proper plan, including fallback positions like extra pit stops, tyre management.

Everyone needs to think carefully about this race, if one thing the teams and drivers learned last week, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best won’t work.



What to look out for: Five of Coins

On the card, a blind Arya sits outside a temple with a begging bowl.

The suit of coins or Pentacles represents the element of earth; this shows us career, family, money, material matters and the actual earth on occasions.

Being a five, we see a low point in the suit and things are looking bleak. This is a card of loss, a loss of faith, money, health and security. Traditionally, this card shows two beggars outside a church in the snow, the message of this card is don’t be afraid to ask for help (hence the church).


In this reading it’s saying just that, don’t be afraid to ask for a helping hand, even if the team are saying carry on as normal, if you know something is wrong, insist that they help you keep the car on track. Alternatively, someone who has been out in the cold is welcome back with open arms (Hulk? Alonso?)



Outcome: Three of Swords

On the card, three swords pierce the heart of the Lord of Light, one sword is Oathkeeper, one is Ice, the other is Widow’s Wail

This is a card of betrayal, heartbreak and rejection. There is not really a lot to say, something is going to happen this weekend that will leave someone feeling betrayed. Following on from the last card, if someone is coming in from the cold, then someone is going to feel heartbroken and betrayed; is Seb finally going to Racing Point/Aston Martin? If this is true, who is going to get the push from the team?




This is a weekend for order, doing things in the correct manner, working things out logically. There is going to heartbreak, betrayal and hurt this weekend, whether that is because someone is taking another driver’s seat or what I don’t know, but this person or someone else is going to need help and support.




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