The latest Lewis Hamilton accolade is…

Rate the Race and Driver of the Weekend, Race  4,  Silverstone, British GP 2020

Mean reader score 5.92 Rated 2/4 Races so far this season

Hmmmmm….. wasn’t the best of races, was it? The reader score came nowhere near last year’s 8.53 or 2018’s 8.14.

It was even knocked into a cocked hat by the mediocre scores of 6.67 and 6.79 from 2017 and 2016. Had it not been for a couple of reasonable overtakes by Ricciardo and Sainz, and of course the delaminations, there would have been precious little to write about.


Hulkenberg not only didn’t score his first ever podium, he didn’t even get to race. Lance Stroll didn’t really step up to the plate a ‘team leader’ in the pink Mercedes, and (had it not been for said delaminations,) Mercedes would probably have scored yet another 1-2.


Delaminations- not a huge amount to report: Bottas, Sainz and Hamilton all suffered them and some, but not all lost out as a result. So, who didn’t lose position as a result of catastrophic delamination? Well, it was none other then our Driver of the Weekend and Blessed one, Lewis Hamilton.


Driver of the Weekend: Lewis Hamilton, 35.61% of reader vote.

As if winning yet another GP, taking a record number of wins (seven, yes, seven) at Silverstone, and leading the race from pole to chequered flag were not enough, our esteemed demi-god managed to win it on three wheels! Well done Lewis!!

Delaminations: please feel free to discuss strategy to your heart’s content below.

Same again next week? ………





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