Concord Agreement: Seismic change afoot as they leave F1


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How did I do last time?

Well I’d say that’s a win, doing things properly and thinking logically won Red Bull the race, Lewis and Valttari needed help and didn’t get it and Mercedes, Seb, Lewis and Valttari were left heartbroken and betrayed. Astrologically speaking, not a lot is going on in the sky’s this weekend, although do keep a look out for the Perseids meteor shower in the North East, past their best now but still worth a watch.



What can we expect to see in the Spanish Grand Prix?


Mood for the weekend – The World

What to look out for – Six of Swords

Outcome – Five of Cups

Mood for the Weekend: The World

On the card, we see the map of Westeros, with the sigil’s of the four main houses, Baratheon, Lannister, Targaryan and Stark in the corners.

This is a major arcana card, its message is important to the reading.


This card signifies the end of a journey, you have learned many lessons in this particular cycle in your life, it’s now time to use what you have learned and move forward into the next cycle.

With the signing of the Concord agreement imminent, I believe this is what this card is saying, it’s time to move on, you’ve done everything you possibly can here it’s time to go on to something else. I believe someone is ready to move on, I don’t know if it’s a team or a driver but next year will be someone’s last.



What to look out for: Six of Swords

On the card, Arya Stark is being rowed across Braavos Harbour by the ship’s captain to the House of Black and White. In the background stands The Titan of Braavos, a legendary protector of Braavos.

The suit of Swords represents the element of air; this shows us logic, challenges and communication.

This is a card of transformation, moving away from something that is not working or troubling and moving on to somewhere safer and sailing in calmer seas.

Coming on the heels of The World this card is backing up the idea of moving on because you’ve done all you can and staying put is just holding you back. Arya knew there was nothing left for her in Westeros, she’d learned all she could from The Hound, she needed a new teacher to help her tick off the names of her kill list, so armed with the coin Jaq’en H’gar gave her she sets off to the House of Black and White.


On some cards there is an invisible hand guiding the boat, meaning an outside force, physical or supernatural, is guiding you, this is also true in this card, the Titan is protecting you, don’t worry, someone has your back during this transition period.



Outcome: Five of Cups

On the card, Queen Cersei is in mourning, the last of her three children is dead, Maggy the Frog’s prophesy is coming true. Three cups of wine are spilled, representing Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen, but she doesn’t see the two cups still full of wine behind her.


The suit of cups represents the element of water, this shows emotions and intuition.

This is a card of loss and mourning, but it also warns not to be too caught up in victim mentality and “Oh woe is me” not to see what is you still have.


This card is also backing up the other two, when whoever it is that is moving on has done so, it’s not the end of F1, there is so much more to the show than one team or one driver. The previous two cards with their stories of moving on and transition is not necessarily all about whomever it is that’s going; it is also about those left behind.


If it is whom I think it is that is leaving, it’s a chance for the sport to grow. It has been chained down by dominant teams for far too long; the future of the sport needs to grab the outcome of this time with both hands and not look back, only to see those full glasses.




Well I guess that is pretty clear that someone is moving on, a team or a driver I don’t know. This is definitely tied into the Concord Agreement, which will finally let the sport move forward, someone will choose to leave before the agreement comes in but this will also help the sport move on.

There will be a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth but in the end, it needed to happen for the good of the sport. When it does happen, the sport will breathe a sigh of relief and start to undo the years of stagnation and domination.




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