A [court] case for Vettel to McLaren

Former F1 driver Timo Glock believes Sebastian Vettel may decide to leave Ferrari at the end of his contract [which expires at the end of the 2020 season] because of the ‘Ferrari Gate’ affair that has erupted in recent days.

“I think it all depends on how this case ends. I guess that might be a good reason for him to say ‘it’s over’. ” Glock told Ran.de website.


Timo Glock believes that the main alternative for Sebastian Vettel in the event that the four-time world champion decides to leave Ferrari could be McLaren, a credible alternative TJ13 has cited on more than one occasion before.

“Maybe at McLaren with Andreas Seidl [main McLaren team principal]. 

“With Seidl, he is a German team leader, and I imagine he would like to have a German with experience in his team. ”

Timo Glock also believes that the Ferrari affair could cost Italian team manager Mattia Binotto his job.

“As is always the case in this sport, the manager has to take the blame and leave because he knows exactly what is going on and will have to bear the consequences if something happens. 

Ferrari has stated that it will start discussions about renewing Sebastian Vettel’s contract for the 2020 Spanish Grand Prix.



Other teams mentioned in the press have included Vettel’s former team Red Bull Racing, but Helmut Marko has rejected the idea of Sebastian Vettel returning as long as Max Verstappen is in the team.

“With the extension of Max’s contract, I can hardly imagine the two V’s being with us. From a simple financial point of view it would be very difficult. ” said the Austrian to the German Motorsport-Magazin.com.


Vettel to McLaren?

TJ13 has reported this possibility before back in December, and actually it does have some ‘legs’ in terms of plausibility.

Sebastian Vettel and Andreas Seidl, the McLaren team boss, certainly have some history and worked together before when they were both at BMW Sauber, Seidl worked there as an engineer alongside a very young Vettel.

Further, Vettel is said to have contacted his old acquaintance again in order to inquire about the possibilities of working together in 2021.

When quizzed about the rumour by the German media, the McLaren boss claimed that they are “happy with our two drivers. They are the future for McLaren,” says McLaren team boss Seidl at the request of “Motorsport-Total.com,” but misses the opportunity to clearly deny the “Marca” report when he says:

“We won’t participate in these speculations….” grinning afterwards.

Clearly there has been discussions then… CLICK HERE FOR FURTHER READING ON THIS SILLY SEASON STORY




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  1. We’ll see this week-end how competitive the Ferrari is. If it’s a distant 3rd to M-B / Red Bull I think he goes regardless of the FIA / Ferrari engine issue, as I can’t see Ferrari improving much due to the situation in Italy. Ferrari have decided that Leclerc is the future, though depending on how things go in Australia, he may have wished he didn’t sign a 5 year deal with them.

    • First of all, Zak Brown is the boss at McLaren, not Seidel. And both Brown and Seidel have been I think genuinely happy with Sainz and Norris. If Vettel were to be hired, it’s assumed that Sainz would be the one unseated, and I just can’t see Brown taking a driver on the way down for one on the way up.

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