Ferrari’s priority driver for Monza


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How did I do for the last Grand Prix?

Well the stewards were busy but not handing out so many penalties this time. Pierre got his justice and so did Albon and the incident that divided the paddock didn’t exactly (Max’s off on the first lap) All in all I’d say 50-50.

With the Moon in Capricorn will see emotional control in the paddock, the Moon in conjunction with Saturn (you’ll actually be able to see this in the sky) will see reliability (cars, drivers or teams I can’t say) but responsibility will be taken where it’s needed. With the Sun in Square with Jupiter, this can see a lot of exaggerating, misjudgement and conceit over the weekend.




What can we expect to see at the Italian Grand Prix?

Mood for the weekend – Queen of Swords

What to look out for – Ten of Coins

Outcome – The World 

Mood for the weekend: Queen of Swords

On the card, Queen Cersei sits on the Iron Throne.

The suit of swords represents the element of air; this shows us logic, communication and challenges

A Court Card (a Page, Knight, Queen or King can represent people as well as situations.

This shows a cool, calm and collected person, someone who doesn’t suffer fools gladly. They are independent, have great clarity of thought, pursues their desires with strength and maturity. In addition, they may have experienced great loss in their life, which has enhanced their wisdom. They can also be very cutting and dry witted.

Someone who fits this description will be the talk of the paddock this weekend (Charles maybe) and will possibly do well. Logic is the watchword this weekend; precise communication will be an asset as well. Faults will not be tolerated, in everything, drivers, machinery and communication.


What to look out for: Ten of Coins

On the card, Joffrey and Margaery’s wedding breakfast is laid on a table, behind it a tapestry showing ten coins with the Tyrell sigil on them, showing who is actually paying for the wedding.

The suit of coins represents the element of earth, which indicates family, career, wealth, money, material possessions, the home and the actual earth.

This card shows us physical security (Joffrey and Margaery were married for this reason, the crown needed money and the Tyrell’s wanted political leverage) It also shows that that you have done very well out of life and now is a time to share some of that good fortune. I’m thinking it’s the former a need for physical security, it’s contract time again so there may be a surprise signing, someone enticed away from a secure drive for a big payday (Known as ‘Doing a Valentino’ to this reader. After Valentino Rossi swapped the best team in MotoGP at the time for the worst performing at the time, for money) It could also show a new sponsor for a cash strapped team. However it plays out, Money will play a big part in this weekend.


Outcome: The World

On the card is a map of Westeros; on the corners are the sigils of the four main families, the Stark’s, the Lannister’s, the Targaryen’s and the Baratheon’s.

This card is from the Major Arcana, this means the answers they give you are vitally important to the reading.

This card means this particular cycle of life is coming to an end, you have learned all the lessons you can, you’ve made choices, rectified mistakes and are now ready to take on the next cycle.

A lot of contracts are ending this year and there is a lot of movement on the way, so a lot of drivers, like Hulkenberg for one, this particular road is at an end and time to follow a new path. Or is it someone like Charles, born under an unlucky star but finding some luck, for once, at a difficult time in his life; he’s won Ferrari’s only race of the year, he’s matured a lot this year so is he ready to lead the team if he does well this weekend. On the other hand, is it Pierre, demoted in a typical Red Bull Knee Jerk reaction but putting in a stellar drive from the back of the grid to finish 9th. Alternatively, Alex Albon, on the other end of the Red Bull Knee Jerk showing he wasn’t intimidated by the Big Seat. A lot of cycles are ending so others can start, are they for the best? We’ll have to wait and see.



Personally, I think this reading is pointing to Charles Leclerc. (Well if that hasn’t put a curse on him I don’t know what will) the Queen of Swords, a cool, calculating person who has known loss and tragedy, but has taken it all on board and used it logically to increase their wisdom and knowledge. However, unlike Queen Cersei, doesn’t murder rival’s when challenged; he beats them logically and enjoys a challenge.

The Ten of Coins, craving physical security, after last weekend’s victory, no mistakes, no panic, no spinning when challenged, he’s possibly being seen as Ferrari’s great hope for the future. Now he’s repaid the faith Ferrari have in him by winning last weekend, there may be a shift for giving him priority in future races.

Finally, The World, his apprenticeship is practically over, he has won, he’s beaten his teammate in quali hands down, it’s now time to open the door to number one driver and more wins.



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  1. Verstappen to stuff it up in the first corner/ chicane???????
    LeClerc to win and Hamilton second?????

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