Leclerc or Gasly could be set up for life

Heartbreak and betrayal is still hanging around after Baku and will show itself again this week.

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Spanish GP – How did I do last time?

Well thanks to Romain Grosjean a lot of heartbreak was felt in the paddock last time out, a lot of defence has come from Vettel over Ferrari’s strategy, which cost him the race.

In the stars this weekend Uranus, the planet of revolution and anarchy is in square with both Mars, the planet of war, anger and survival and Pluto, the planet of death, dark thoughts and retribution. Therefore, this weekend is going to be one of fireworks with all that anarchy, anger and darkness in the air, this race will not go smoothly.



What can we expect to see in the Monaco Grand Prix?

Mood for the weekend – Nine of Coins

What to look out for – Seven of Coins

Outcome – The Empress

Mood for the weekend: Nine of Coins

Daenerys Targaryan is standing in a lush garden in Qarth with one of her young dragons, around the time in the show where she bought the Unsullied Army and freed them, after burning the slave owner and plundering his vaults.

The suit of coins represents the element of earth, which shows us home, family, the material things in life, career and the actual earth.

Traditionally this card is all about enjoying the fruits of your labour. You have worked hard to get where you are, so now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of that hard work. Even though Monaco is not what it used to be it’s still the race that every driver wants to win and the prestige that goes with winning this race makes it so desirable. So the mood for this weekend is “This is the race I want to win, I want the stature that goes with being the winner of the Monaco Grand Prix”. Whoever wins this race, especially if it’s someone outside the usual suspects, will be made for life.

What to look out for: Seven of Coins

A gardener in the Red Keep tends a fruit bush, showing coins emblazoned with the flower of the Reach, the sigil of the Tyrell’s, who are the one’s keeping Westeros afloat, the power and money behind the Iron Throne.

Traditionally, this card is all about taking a step back and assessing how far you’ve come in your endeavours. It seems a lot of teams will be doing this, this weekend especially with Canada being the next race. Monaco is not really a race to judge where you are in the championship; it’s only the sixth race of the season and not a very fair race to judge yourself. Alternatively, it could be a good time for teams and drivers to think seriously about where they want to drive in 2019 and who the teams want to drive for them. Grosjean, Vandoorne and Hartley are on thin ice at the moment, any more mistakes or lack lustre races could see them in the dole queue, or racing in Formula E.

Outcome: The Empress

Daenerys Targaryan stands on the lead ship sailing across the Narrow Sea from Essos to Westeros, above her Viserion, Rhaegal and Drogon, her children, fly through the sky. The Mother of Dragons is coming to take back what his rightfully hers, the Iron Throne.

This is a Major Arcana card, this means what it is saying in this reading is important, so pay attention to it.

This card traditionally signifies creativity and fertility; this could very well say on he back of this race someone’s creativity could sow the seeds of a new beginning of abundance. The Empress is also a matriarch and a strong woman, like Daenerys, a woman in authority may bring peace in a bad tempered weekend as indicated by the Mars/Pluto/Uranus Squares (Claire Williams?) There again, fertility is a strong indicator with this card, baby news may be on the cards this weekend (Claire again?)


With two Coins cards, indicating money, in the reading it can only mean Monaco, as described by Somerset Maugham ‘A Sunny Place For Shady People’. Admit it, it’s not the race it once was, Eurotrash and Kardashians mix with Boybands and actors who have no idea what F1 is, but came for the glitz and glamour.

These cards show us that fruits of labour are going to be enjoyed this weekend, which is fine because this is the race everyone wants to win and if someone from outside the usual suspects wins, this could set them up for life (Charles Leclerc or Pierre Gasly?) While on the other hand, teams may look at this race and think about their line up for next year, taking a step back and assessing what needs to change.



Right now, the stance of the FIA is that “The Ferrari is legal and the matter finished.” according to…..



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  1. Am I the only one who finds this very inaccurate, I was expecting this, but still somehwat dissapointed.

  2. Hi ReefGirl3, please keep up your predictions!
    i always read and reread them with lots if interest

    Thank you.

    • Thanks, I’ve been doing it for years, unfortunately no one takes me seriously, even when I’m right. I should call myself Cassandra

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