Heartbreak and betrayal at Barcelona

Heartbreak and betrayal is still hanging around after Baku and will show itself again this week.

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Azerbaijan GP – So how did I do last time?

Well it was certainly heartbreaking for Danny Ric, Valttari Bottas and Sebastian Vettel, would could have been if it hadn’t have been for Torpedo Max. Then there was Valttari and the stray metal shard that ruined a certain win.

The underlying message of the last reading was betrayal, by the team or teammate; I think that was a definite for poor old Dan as this is not the first time he’s been taken out by Max. What happens now, if he follows the advice of the cards, his best bet is to break free of Red Bull and start to make a name for himself in another team, get away from the feeling that he’s second best in the team.

In the heavens this weekend Mercury, the planet of communication and the sign of Taurus are big news in the heavens. Both Mercury and the Moon, the planet of emotions (I know, I know but in astrology, the moon is classed as a planet) move into Taurus, this sign is grounded, earthy and stable, which is helpful after the last few races where the red mist has descended. Mercury and the Moon in Taurus will see emotional and communication stability.


What can we expect to see from the Spanish Grand Prix?

Mood for the weekend – Three of Swords

What to look out for – Seven of Spears

Outcome – Six of Cups

Mood for the weekend: Three of Swords

On the card, three swords, Longclaw, Oathkeeper and Widows Wail, pierce a flaming heart of R’hillor, the Lord of Light; the background shows clouds and snow.

Swords represent the element of air, which shows us logic, communication and challenges

Oh dear, here we go again, more heartbreak and betrayal. It seems lessons from Baku have not been learned, so we could possibly been more of the same, not saying Max will take out Dan again, but never say never, but someone will take the betrayal of a team or teammate hard.

What to look out for: Seven of Spears

On the card, Grey Worm launches himself at a group of Son’s of the Harpy’s spears in the backstreets of Mereen.

The suit of Spears represents the element of fire, which in turn shows us passion, pizzazz, creativity and self will.

This card is all about defence and defending what is precious to you, so this weekend lots of people will be defending their position in teams, the race and in the championship. We could see Vettel and Hamilton fighting against a threat from someone else this weekend as well, defending their position in the championship.

Outcome: Six of Cups

On the card, Jon Snow and Sansa Stark sit at Castle Black drinking ale, eating soup and reminiscing about their childhood at Winterfell. They haven’t seen each other for 6 years, since Sansa left for Kings Landing to marry Joffrey and Jon left to join the Nights Watch.

The suit of Cups represents the element of water, showing emotion and intuition.

This card is all about nostalgia, childhood and innocent. This scene on the card is when Jon and Sansa reminisce about their life at Winterfell when they were children, Old Nan’s kidney pies, Sansa saying she was a horrible child, Jon saying he was too busy sulking in corners to play with the others. The outcome of this race, I’m feeling there may be a yearning for the past era’s of F1 to return. Alternatively, someone loses his innocent, a rookie causing trouble midfield; perhaps Charles Leclerc may cause a pile up.


Heartbreak and betrayal is still hanging around after Baku and will show itself again this week. With all the stability in emotions and communications in the stars this weekend, it could possibly be team orders that cause the heartbreak, especially with the Seven of Spears showing defence of position in the race/championship being key to this weekend. This tactical outcome may lead to the wishing for the return of yesteryear, when teammates were allowed to race and saving engines/tyres and fuel were not a problem.


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  1. Betrayal: Young Verstappen takes the win this weekend. Again, in pit stop he takes an overcut and this time he nurses his car and the tyres extremely well, leaving his team mate in a bad bad mood.

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