Chinese GP: A sense of loss – More Mercedes failure, slow McLaren?

So how did I do last week? Seeing as it was a glimpse into the long-term future of F1 I don’t think I’m in a position to say, “Yes I nailed it” or “No, that reading was a complete bust” We need to wait for a few more months, maybe years, before I can say Yes or No.

However, the good news, on the esoteric front, is that Mercury Retrograde will be over by Sunday, so hopefully no more software glitches, radio breakdowns or strategy failures.

So what is Mercury Retrograde and why is it such a big deal I hear you cry…

I’ll tell you, I hear myself reply…

It’s when the planet Mercury goes backwards and all forms of communication goes on the fritz, I will try and explain so please keep reading. Now for the science bit, because all planets orbit the sun at different speeds at some point the Earth passes a planet, in this case Mercury; and it looks like it’s going backwards in the sky.

In astrology and esoteric circles all planets have an energy and set of  ideals, Mercury is the planet of communication, Mars is the warrior the planet of anger and survival, Venus the planet of love and relationships etc, etc, so when a planet is in retrograde, the energy and ideals are turned upside down.

Therefore, when Mercury goes retrograde, all forms of communication goes on the fritz, especially electronic communication, phones don’t work properly, computers break down, software gets bugs, your spam filter doesn’t work and your inbox is flooded with spam. Verbal communication is hit as well, rumours start, words are twisted, arguments break out and Chinese Whispers begin.

So all the problems in Australia and Bahrain can be traced to the fact the closest planet to the Sun is going backwards, we will see all this again in Hungary and Abu Dhabi.



What can we expect to see in the Chinese Grand Prix?

Mood for the weekend – The Emperor

What to look out for – Ace of Coins

Outcome – Five of Cups

 Mood for the weekend: The Emperor

On the card, we see Jon Snow standing with Longclaw in his hands and his house sigil on his armour. He stands ready to defend the North against all enemies, human and non-human.

This is a Major Arcana card, so it’s information and answers are important to this reading.

This card is all about stability, discipline and authority. After what happened in the last two races things are going to settle down and run according to the way it should be, the rules will be adhered to, authority figures will be respected and stability will become noticeable.

After the upheavals of the Mercury Retrograde influenced races of Australia and Bahrain, things are starting to settle down; there should be no more pitlane dramas or communication breakdowns. Authoritive figures will start to make their voices heard as well.

What to look out for: Ace of Coins

On the card, a coin is held in a pair of hands, it is the iron coin Jaqen H’ghar gave Arya Stark as a guarantee of safe passage to Braavos and the House of Black and White.

The suit of coins (or pentacles) represents the element of earth; this in turn shows us the material world, home, money, family, career and the actual earth.

This is a card of the beginnings financial security. This card appeared in last week’s reading and the meaning hasn’t changed from then. Last week’s meeting between Liberty and the teams will still make itself known this week. It could also indicate an unknown investor in one of the teams.

In Game of Thrones, the coin is the one given to Arya by Jaqen H’ghar, a Faceless Man from Braavos, which is also the home of the Iron Bank, the biggest financial institution in Essos. Either a Faceless Man could very well be making a financial contribution to F1, or a legendary assassin is at work in the paddock (joke, honest).

Outcome: Five of Cups

On the card, Queen Cersei stands alone in the Red Keep, she is in mourning, the last of her children has died, Maggy the Frog’s prophesy has come true. She stare’s mournfully at the 3 spilled goblets on the floor, (representing  Joffrey, Mycella and Tommen) but she ignores the 2 full goblets on the table behind her.

The suit of Cups represents the element of Water, showing up emotions and intuition.

This card also appeared in the Australia reading and definitely made itself known when Mercedes botched their strategy and the same could very well happen again this week. It is a card of loss, grief and sorrow, could this be third time unlucky for Mercedes, or could it be McLaren failing to beat Toro Rosso again.

Whoever it is, the loss this weekend will resonate long and hard, so much so, that they can’t see the two full goblets representing the chance to learn from the mistakes.


Two repeating cards show themselves again this week, which means things haven’t been resolved or, at least, lessons haven’t been learned. After the Mercury Retrograde upheavals of the last two races, The Emperor is showing that stability, authority and fairness have returned for this race.

Carrying on from last week, money is still causing concern and a invisible investor may be about to make an investment in the sport, or for one of the teams and finally loss, mourning and sorrow will show it’s face again. Someone or a team will feel the loss this weekend most acutely, but they can’t see, or don’t want to see the advantages and chances to learn from the mistakes.


FORMULA 1 NEWS: Has Hamilton gone the wrong way on tyres for Chinese GP

The coming race in Shanghai is certainly looking to be a pivotal moment in the F1 V6 Turbo era. Having won the first two races, Vettel is the first Ferrari driver to win back to back GP’s since Fernando Alonso in Italy and Singapore in 2010.

Is Hamilton’s side of the garage staring into the abyss before an F1 wheel turns on Chinese soil in 2018?


One response to “Chinese GP: A sense of loss – More Mercedes failure, slow McLaren?

  1. “stability will become noticeable … there should be no more pitlane dramas or communication breakdowns.” – only one retirement, although Gasly & Hartley had a miscommunication

    ” the beginnings financial security” – Danny Ric’s financial security is now assured

    “Mercedes botched their strategy and the same could very well happen again this week” – Hamilton, safety car, say no more…

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