Dissatisfaction in that team, lead to seismic change?

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French GP – How did I do last time?

Until Lewis signs his new contract we won’t know, he’s the logjam in this. With the moon in Scorpio last weekend, anger did show its ugly head after Vettel’s punishment was deemed not far enough.

This weekend the Moon is in Aquarius, this could see the paddock closing ranks and standing up for their rights, the GPDA could be a spanner in the FIA’s works when pushing through the 2021 changes.



What can we expect to see for the Austrian Grand Prix?

Mood for the weekend – 5 of Cups

What to look out for – 4 of Cups

Outcome – 2 of Coins

 Mood for the weekend: Five of Cups

On the card, Queen Cersei stands alone in the Red Keep, she is in mourning, the last of her children has died, Maggy the Frog’s prophesy has come true. She stare’s mournfully at the 3 spilled goblets on the floor, (representing  Joffrey, Mycella and Tommen) but she ignores the 2 full goblets on the table behind her.

The suit of Cups represents the element of Water, showing up emotions and intuition.

This card shows us loss, mourning and bereavement, something will cause loss and upset to overwhelm a lot of people in the paddock this weekend, whether it’s people leaving teams, personnel loss, even the loss of the race. All of these emotions will spill over at the end of the weekend and will possibly rumble on until the next race, but don’t forget to look at the positives that will come out of all this misery, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

What to look out for: Four of Cups

On the card, Sansa is sitting under the Weirwood tree, she is staring mournfully at three cups while ignoring the one being handed to her by Littlefinger.

This is a card of withdrawal, dissatisfaction, daydreaming and boredom. Someone is getting fed up with their lot and they’re sulking, thinking the world owes them a favour and it’s not paying up so they’re not going to play anymore. Could this be Ferrari and Kimi? Ferrari finally getting the hint that the rest of us have seen for years that Kimi just isn’t as good as he used to be and is just sitting in that car to get paid. After seeing Charles going so well,  Ferrari might have had a kick in the arse they need to prise him out of that seat and give it to someone who will actually fight for a win.

It could also be Alonso, having finally had enough of that pathetic McLaren and having no offers from the big three, has finally realized that he has no future in F1 so will accept Littlefinger’s cup of a drive in Indy. It could of course be Dan, fed up with being stepped over for Max is deciding his future. This card can apply to any driver on the grid but I’ve just highlighted the more popular rumours.

Outcome: Two of Coins

On the card, a ribbon surrounds two gold dragon coins. At the ends of the ribbon two lions sit. Printed on the ribbon is the phrase “A Lannister always pays his debts”, the unofficial motto of House Lannister.

The suit of Coins represents the element of earth; this also shows us the material world, money, home, family, career and the actual earth

There is a lot of juggling being done this weekend, you need to be flexible as well, listen to suggestions about how to deal with all the things you’re having to deal with.

Another part of this card is “Follow the Money”, a team is waving a lot of money at a particular  driver to make him stay or tempt him away, this could be any of the top drivers of the moment but a lot of money is being offered to someone. Going back to the first card, could it be Kimi and McLaren, Kimi will do anything for Money.


There is a feeling of loss in the paddock this weekend, this could possibly be someone is leaving, either a team or the sport, someone who is getting dissatisfied with their lot is leaving for pastures new or someone who is not pulling his weight in the team is going to get his P:45. This movement could come because of the temptation of a big payrise, this payrise doesn’t necessarily mean a movement of teams, it could be an incentive to stay put.

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