Could Vettel’s WDC be saved by ‘A wheel of Fortune’ in Russia?

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Singapore GP – How did I do last time?

Well with the seismic changes in grid for next year all the predictions of major change is coming true, it’s not just in Singapore I predicted this but all through the year it’s been predicted so, yes, a lot of wins here.

Astrologically speaking, with the moon in Gemini moodiness will be rife so a lot of snapping at team personnel and media this weekend. Some Away With The Fairies moments will be seen as the Moon squares Neptune, anger will ensue if reality gets in the way of dreamland.



What can we expect to see in the Russian Grand Prix?

Mood for the weekend – 3 of Swords

What to look out for – Ten of Coins

Outcome – Wheel of Fortune

Mood for the weekend: Three of Swords

On the card, three swords, Longclaw, Oathkeeper and Widows Wail, pierce a flaming heart of R’hillor, the Lord of Light; the background shows clouds and snow.

Swords represent the element of air, which shows us logic, communication and challenges

The meaning of this card is pretty much what is says on the picture, stabbed in the heart, heartbreak and betrayal. This emotion is most prevalent this weekend, Ocon, Kimi, Ericsson among those who are feeling heartbroken and betrayed by their teams but it’s not just those who have been sidelined by their teams and the sport that are feeling, I think the outcome of this race will leave someone further up the grid feeling heartbroken and betrayed. Vettel needs to win all six of the remaining races to have a chance of winning the WDC, if Ferrari cocks up again this weekend, it will be a stab in the heart for Vettel.

What to look out for: Ten of Coins

On the card, a table is ladened with food for the wedding feast of King Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell. Ten coins bearing the sigil of the Hose of Tyrell decorates the backdrop to the table, which shows who really paid for the wedding.

The suit of Coins represents the element of earth, which is turn shows us this suit also represents, career, family, money, home, garden, the material things in life.

This card show us that all your hard work will start to pay dividends, all the money you worked hard for will make you comfortable, the love you have for family will blossom and you will live in comfort and love for the rest of your days, so what does this have to do with F1 I hear you ask? Well, personally, I think that coming after the Three of Swords, this card is the flip side, if Vettel is the Three of Swords, this card is Lewis, if he wins this weekend he’s pretty much wrapped up this year’s WDC and with a 5th win he’s made for life, he could retire and never have to work again.

Outcome: Wheel of Fortune

On the card, a wooden wheel, with the sun shining behind it, shows carvings of the four sigils of the four prominent Westerosi families on the outside. On one of the spokes is perched a mockingbird, the symbol of Littlefinger.

This is a major Arcana card; it shows us the answer in this card is very important to the reading.

This race is very much in the hands of fate. In the previous cards, I have explained what I believe the cards mean this card is going to throw a spanner in the works. As I explained, the first card could possibly spell the end of Vettel’s WDC hopes and the second could be what happens if Lewis wins, but with the Wheel of Fortune, none of this matters, it’s now up to fate to spin that wheel and sees where it lands to see what happens to Lewis and Vettel’s ambitions. With the hand of Littlefinger being shown, someone might give fate a helping hand. Could this be another Singapore 08 or will Kimi and Bottas get in on the act.


The first 2 cards show us what will happen if Lewis win’s this race but the final card is the most important, it shows us that, no matter how well prepared you are, or what you think you know or what you can control when fate spins that wheel of fortune, stand by for trouble. Basically, what this reading is saying, Lewis is on a roll and if he wins this weekend, the WDC is virtually his. Vettel goes into this weekend very much on the back foot and has so much to lose that this may be praying on his mind, But it’s not over yet, fate will have a hand in this weekend’s outcome.

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  1. Have to admit, reading this in hindsight it sounds absolutely spot on! Bottas heart Broke, Vettel as well, Lewis with one hand on the Trophy, and Bottas giving fate a helping hand. Bravo!

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