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How did I do for the last Grand Prix?

Well I think that was a massive win, last week’s reading implied that someone was going to take advantage of others misfortune, and boy did they, just ask Max and Daniil.

Good news in the stars this weekend, Mercury Retrograde is over so no more almighty cock-ups that we saw, courtesy of Mercedes, this weekend, hopefully. This Sunday the moon moves into Libra, this has a dislike of confrontation and needs to please people, this also means fence-sitting, this could mean the Stewards playing it safe and not handing out slam dunk penalties for fan favorites. With the moon in opposition to Chiron could see a lot of emotional insecurity, considering it’s contract signing time this may heighten insecurity even more.




What can we expect to see in the Hungarian Grand Prix?

Mood for the weekend – The Empress

What to look out for – Ten of Coins

Outcome – Nine of Swords


 Mood for the Weekend: The Empress

On the card, Daenerys Targaryan stands on the bow of her ship as she sails towards Westeros. In the sky her children fly, Viserion, Rhaegal, and Dragon, her Dragons.

This is a Major Arcana card; it means the answer will have importance this weekend.

This is a card of creativity, nurturing and sensuality, also children maybe another baby born this weekend. I’m thinking this weekend maybe about nurturing young talent, with contract signing season coming, and with young talent showing what they’re made of recently, this could very well be a changing of the guard, out with the old and in with the new. The teams with young talent need to make sure the young drivers have everything at their fingertips to make it big, they need to shine and encouraged, not sidelined for aging stars that have had their day.


What to look out for: Ten of Coins

On the coins, the wedding breakfast for Margaery and Joffrey is laid out on a table, the backdrop is covered in coins with the Tyrell House sigil on them, to signify who is actually paying for the wedding.

The suit of Coins represents the element of earth, showing us money, career, family, prosperity, and material concerns.

This card offers a sense of security, you have worked hard, saved hard and now you have all that security you are happy to share it with the family, making sure everyone is comfortable. This is also a card of traditions, doing things the old-fashioned way.

I believe this follows on from the previous card, the new, young and exciting drivers are stealing the limelight, they have gained the upper hand over the more established drivers, this card could mean a couple of things. It could be time to retire, enjoy the security you’ve built up and enjoy life with the family, or a team could think it’s not the right time to promote a young driver and they’re going to stick with the status quo, old and trusted drivers to give them security.


Outcome: Nine of Swords

On the card, Robb Stark’s direwolf, Greywind, is locked in a cage at the Twins, he’s been captured by the Frey’s before the Red Wedding.

The suit of Swords represents logic, communication, and challenges,

This card is all about nightmares, things that keep you awake at night and worry.

The crux of this card is worry, thoughts that are going round and round are keeping you from sleeping and worrying you to the point of not being able to think of anything else, but still you ignore the real problem, refusing to deal with it in the hope that it goes away.

Again, I think this is connected to the other cards, in order for a young talent to get his break, someone has to be released from the team and there are a lot of drivers that haven’t been up to scratch lately, one is Bottas, another is Gasly as well as Grosjean and Hulkenberg.

They have all been in F1 for a while, all have had moments of brilliance but not as good as their teammates or others of their age and this is worrying, especially with the up and coming talent biting at their heels for a better drive. The advice of this card is to face the problem, deal with it head-on, it will only go away if you do something about it, no-one else will do it for you and if you don’t take steps to deal with it, someone else is going to be in your seat next year.



It looks to me that contract signing and who are the best options in the driver markets for the teams are central to this reading. It certainly looking like the young, talented drivers are at last getting serious consideration for the big teams, especially after the last few races where they have excelled themselves.

However, on the flip side of the coin, some established and rather lacking drivers are having nightmares about their seat’s being taken by kids. They need to prove they’re still worthy of consideration in this race at least, because sticking your head in the sand and saying “They can’t get rid of me I’m [Insert name here] I’m their biggest asset” is not going to save you.






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