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NOTE FROM THE ED – Our contributor made her reading last Thursday, & this Judge was tardy publishing it. Apologies Reefgirl… you can see the original reading article here dated earlier this week.


Well here we are at the first official race of the year (we hope) I’m still not sure if this is going to work but what do I know.

Astrologically speaking, we’re in the midst of Mercury Retrograde again, this is where Mercury, the planet of communication, appears to be going backwards in the sky, and this shakes up all forms of communication, Chinese whisper start, all forms of mechanical equipment breaks down, software glitches and the like. On Sunday there is a Lunar Eclipse on a full moon in Capricorn. This one seems to be about ending a cycle and in the sign of Capricorn, which is about career and success, it may be a time for calling quits on your career and congratulating yourself on the success you’ve made of it.



What can we expect to see in the Austrian Grand Prix?

Mood for the weekend – The Tower

What to look out for – The High Priestess

Outcome – Page of Coins


The first two cards in this reading fell out so they really wanted to be seen and they’re both Major Arcana cards so they’re going to have great significance in the reading and in the weekend as a whole.


Mood for the Weekend: The Tower

On the card, we see Bran Stark’s direwolf, Summer; sitting at the base of the tower that Jaime pushes Bran out of.

The Tower indicates that the foundations of your life are collapsing and the walls are coming down, leading to chaos.

I’m thinking, in conjunction with the Lunar Eclipse, that someone leaving the sport is going to cause the foundations to crumble, whether that is the sport’s foundations or a team’s, I don’t know. However, something is going to happen this weekend that will send shockwaves through the paddock and cause someone to have to take a long hard look at what they have done and rebuild their foundations on firmer ground.


What to look out for: The High Priestess

On the card, we see Melissandre, the red woman, in front of flames, into which she is going to throw something. Behind her a torch is ablaze on one side of the door, the other side is dark; this shows she stands between the light and the dark.

Traditionally, this card says that you need to listen to your intuition, trust your inner wisdom and look beyond the veil.

I think this card is saying trust yourself and your instincts, if something is saying something is too good to be true it probably is. Trust your gut instinct, combined with the first card, I’m thinking trust what you know about yourself and your feelings on a subject, if that little voice, feeling or sign that says something is not right, listen to it. Consult psychics if it makes you feel better (I’m always available)


Outcome: Page of Coins

On the card, Tyrion Lannister catches a purse of coins that has been thrown to him.

The suit of Coins, or Pentacles, represents the element of earth, which in turn shows career, family, possessions, money and the actual earth.

This card often represents a new job, new project, new investments or new studies, usually involving a young person.

The feeling running through this reading is someone is moving on and this card seems to be backing this up, someone is feeling that it is time to move on. Looking at the picture on the card, Tyrion being given a purse of money, gives me a feeling that someone is taking the money and running. If this person is who I think he is, this leaves a seat for a young driver to take.



All through the reading there’s been a thread running, someone is planning to move on and it’s going to cause a lot of chaos in the paddock. This isn’t a spur of the moment thing, it’s been carefully planned and this person has been listening to their instinct and every fibre of their being that says it’s time to go. This move is good news to someone much younger, who sees this as an excellent time to start a new chapter, a chance to learn and study from the best.

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