After signing, Hamilton already seeks new contract

The soap opera is finally over. In Monza, Mercedes officially extended Lewis Hamilton’s contract until 2025. But even though he has only just signed his new contract, the British driver has already admitted that he is already thinking about the next…

Lewis Hamilton will be driving a Mercedes next season. After months of negotiations, the British driver and the German team have finally reached an agreement. The deal was made official at Monza and runs for two years, until 2025, a year before the new F1 technical regulations come into force in 2026.

But Lewis Hamilton is determined to be there in three years’ time and is ready to negotiate a new contract in the near future.


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Hamilton: “I’m thinking about my next contract”

The seven-time world champion explained in comments reported by the French publication, Nextgen-Auto.

“The goal in two years is to fight 100% and win a world championship. We are currently second in the Constructors’ Championship and we want to dethrone those at the top. I’m 100% confident that we can do it. In the long term, as Toto (Wolff) said, we want to avoid negotiating contracts with clauses,

“But yes, I am thinking about my next contract – what it will look like, how long it will last. I intend to stay in F1 for a while,” admitted Hamilton, although he still has a few questions.

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“You never know where you’re going to be in life…”

Hamilton continues: “But that could change. I could come back next year and think, ‘Shit, why did I sign up for so long’. But who knows?

“You never know where you’re going to end up in life, but at the moment I’m very focused on F1 and very positive every day. Although I know it’s not easy for anyone. Staying fit and healthy, trying to find that balance between enjoying myself and enjoying my job – a balance with family life and all that sort of thing – that’s the key to lasting.

“And I think I’ve got a pretty good balance at the moment. It allows me to really enjoy what I do,” added Hamilton.

To be continued…

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3 responses to “After signing, Hamilton already seeks new contract

  1. No limit on his greed! May there be no wins till the end of 2025. Still Wolff will plead with
    MB to further extend his contract, saying the new regulations will take Loowis to another championship.
    George can beat him if Wolff does not play his favoritism games. Max and RB have to teach him such a resounding lesson that he will not forget in his lifetime. His fanbase will desert him and he will go away as a chastened fellow. Will he at least then admit that (1) he is an average driver and it was all the car (2) he is one of the dirtiest and most unsporting drivers ever (3) Silverstone 21 was a blatant attempt to eliminate competition (4) apologise for playing dirty with Masi and (5) will he give up his arrogance and political games and learn qualities like humility.
    I doubt very much. His evil qualities are in his DNA and won’t go so easily.

    • Pretty head on Vijay. What wonders me most is how Mercedes keeps dragging their past into the future. Same goes for the Ricciardo choice at RB btw…
      When you’re at a crosspoint in the evolution of a team (and ending contracts are such a crosspoint) you should really consider how to assess the long time future. An elderly driver, succesfull or not, is not a choice for the future. It’s fear for the future.

    • Vijay, at this point I’m left feeling that you need counseling for your trauma. I don’t even have a tenth of the vitriol in me against people who have done the some of the most genuinely unspeakable things to me personally, that you do for Lewis… its unhealthy mate

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