Mercedes set to frustrate Red Bull ambitions

In the list of the most successful Formula One teams ever, Ferrari stands head and shoulders above them all. With 16 constructor titles and 15 driver championships it will be at least another decade before another team comes close to the Scuderia’s record.

Williams are second (9-7) in the all time list, with McLaren third (8-12) and Mercedes huge dominance at the start of the hybrid era in 2014 now sees them as the fourth greatest constructor of all time with 8 team championships and nine for their drivers.



Red Bull 6th best F1 team

Despite their utter dominance this season, Red Bull will have to wait at least another year to overtake fifth placed Lotus (7-6) as their tally at present is five constructor titles and six drivers’ championships. It will require another two years for Christian Horner’s team to match the current Mercedes tally and into the new regulations in 2026 if they are to claim McLaren’s third sport in the table.

Red Bull also require another 26 race victories to overtake their arch rivals who were absent from F1 for over 50 years as a constructor. Having notched up 125 victories Mercedes are third in the all time list (125) behind McLaren (183) and Ferrari again top the charts with a whopping 242 race wins.

However Red Bull could steal a march on the ‘enemy this weekend in Singapore should they clinch the constructors title in Singapore.

Hamilton and Verstappen critical of FIA move



Ferrari/McLaren joint F1 record

The earliest a team has clinched the F1 constructors’ championship is a record jointly held by Ferrari and McLaren. In 1988 McLaren with Prost and Senna won 15 of the 16 races and were champions with five races remaining.

This was matched by Ferrari with Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barichello in 2004 when they cliched the championship after 13 of the 18 rounds.

Mercedes best efforts saw them win four championships with four races remaining in 2015,16,19 and 20 but Red Bull are about to blitz the competition as the teams arrive in Singapore.

Verstappen “feared more” than Hamilton says Button



The world champions could retain their title with seven rounds remaining but they need their drivers to score a 1-2 finish in the race but they require Mercedes to fail to score at all. Even with the fastest lap extra point, Mercedes need just 2 points from either of their drivers to prevent Red Bull concluding the season with an astonishing 7 rounds remaining.

The team which is redefining Formula One dominance at present will in all probability have to wait until Japan before closing out the constructors’ championship but will eclipse another Ferrari and McLaren record as there will be six F1 weekends remaining in the 2023 season.

Of course even then Toto Wolff will presumably be unimpressed given these matters are merely for Wikipedia to record “which nobody reads anyway.”

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