Red Bull do a U-turn

Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen this season been breaking records held for decades and even some no one knew existed. With 24 of the last 25 races under their belt and the only loss in well over a year being in Sau Paulo to Mercedes George Russell, the ‘perfect season’ has been a topic for discussion for some time.

No team has won every race in a season. McLaren came close in 1988 when their drivers Senna and Prost were defeated only once by Ferrari at the Italian Grand Prix. However back then there were just 16 races in the calendar year, now there are 22 making the task way more difficult.



Horner claims too many variables

Christian Horner has been playing down the notion that Red Bull could win every race in 2023 and recently in Monza suggested much of what is required for the ‘perfect season’ is beyond their control.

“There are so many elements whether its reliability, luck, strategy, a pitstop, pace, weather…” Said the Red Bull boss.

“You’ve got to stay on top of your game. For me that’s the most remarkable achievement this year so far; that we haven’t dropped the ball.

“We’ve managed to keep operating at an incredibly high level and that’s something which has not been seen before.”

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Marko says ‘perfect season’ a goal

Yet Horner refused to be drawn on whether it was a goal the team were setting for themselves.

The F1 circus rolls into Singapore for this weekend, a circuit where Max Verstappen has never won. Yet Dr. Marko now believes his star driver will again be setting new records on Sunday claiming a win here sets up the chance for ‘the perfect season.’

“If we win in Singapore, there is a possibility that we can win all the others,” Marko admits in a Red Bull U-turn.

“Of course it is now becoming a goal. At the beginning of the season it was not realistic to win all the races. McLaren was stopped from doing it in Monza (in 1988) so the press built a story that the curse would also hit us. But we didn’t let it hit us.

Verstappen “feared more” than Hamilton says Button


Ferrari feared in Singapore

“We’ve had a competitive car everywhere, why wouldn’t it be like that in Singapore?” added the Austrian.

Red Bull and Mercedes have both won the championship event held in Singapore four times with Ferrari behind claiming three victories. Yet Marko believes it will be Ferrari who are their biggest rivals this weekend given their car has excellent traction out of slow speed corners.

“But I have to admit that Ferrari and in particular Leclerc are specialists there. If they are faster in qualifying, they could become a problem for us because overtaking in Singapore is so difficult,” Marko added.

“But I still believe that the package we will bring to Singapore is good enough to win.”

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Mercedes hope to stall Red Bull record

Whilst Mercedes are talking up their chances in the island nation, Aston Martin have also proven to be at their best on tracks where higher downforce levels suit their car.

McLaren too have made a huge leap over the past six races so the possibility of Mercedes being well down the time sheets is not impossible.

The constructors title is a given for Red Bull Racing but it is in their gift for Mercedes to stall their hopes of claiming another first. No team has ever won the championship with seven races remaining and Mercedes need to score just two points to force Red Bull to wait until at least after the following event in Japan.

Despite being handicapped in the amount of wind tunnel time allowed for each position in the constructor’s final standings, the teams are desperate to finish ahead of their competitors and Mercedes are desperate to hold on to their P2.

Red Bull scathing attack on Mercedes



Ferrari catching Mercedes

“We can’t suddenly be happy about fifth or sixth,” Toto Wolff told Blick. “We should be the runners-up at least.”

And Mercedes are currently 45 points ahead of Ferrari in third place. While the Scuderia closed in 11 points on Mercedes in Italy, Carlos Sainz believes it will be a tough ask for them to overhaul the silver arrows I the final standings.

“But if we do a perfect job in the last third of the season, we can do it,” said the Spaniard claimed third behind the Red Bull pair in Monza.

“In previous years I had the impression that we were lagging behind Mercedes and Red Bull in terms of improving the car, but this year it’s different.”

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Aston Martin in the equation

Ferrari fell of a cliff over the final third of the 2022 season as their development programme ground to a halt. Yet Sainz indicates this will not be the case for the remaining 8 races.

Aston Martin are not out of the equation for second amongst the constructors as their deficit to Mercedes is just another 11 points more than Ferrari. 

The teams’s director of performance Tom McCullough has set a bold target: “The objective is to try to return to second position in the world championship.

Hamilton already seeking contract extension



Rain predicted raises Horner’s fears

“It’s a brave objective in the face of fierce competition, but we hope to be more competitive as we return to some of the higher downforce tracks.”

Aston Martin have fallen back in recent weeks and it is rumoured the FIA intervened over their legality of their front wing. However, had Lance Stroll scored a similar ratio of points to Fernando Alonso as have the number two drivers in Mercedes and Ferrari, Aston would be second behind Red Bull already.

The is a suggestion of rain for race day on Sunday, so the variables Christian Horner fears will plague Red Bull in their pursuit of their new goal.

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  1. Max will continue his winning streak unless something goes wrong since RB19 is good on all circuit characteristics.

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