Rosberg hits back at Toto Wolff’s Red Bull ‘Wikipedia’ comments

The world of Formula One has always been a battleground of egos, where even the smallest triumphs are celebrated and analysed with precision. Recently, Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff sparked a heated debate when he downplayed the importance of records, suggesting that only Wikipedia readers were interested in such statistics.

The comment came in the wake of Max Verstappen’s historic 10th consecutive victory for Red Bull. However, Wolff’s former driver Nico Rosberg has hit back, challenging this perspective and emphasising the importance of records in the sport.

Wolff’s comments were somewhat bitter when asked about Verstappen’s remarkable achievement. He seemed to shrug off the significance of the achievement, stating that such records are “for Wikipedia and nobody reads it anyway”. It was a response that raised eyebrows in the F1 community, as records have always been an integral part of the sport’s history and lore.


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Rosberg: Wolff a bad loser

Nico Rosberg, the 2016 F1 World Champion and a former Mercedes driver under Wolff’s guidance, offered his perspective on the matter.

Speaking on the Sky Sports F1 podcast, Rosberg suggested that Wolff’s comments may have been influenced by the team’s less-than-stellar performance on that particular race weekend. Mercedes finished fifth and sixth, well behind Ferrari and Red Bull, which may have understandably soured Wolff’s mood.



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“I think Toto had a moment where he was not too happy with the performance of his own team this weekend,” Rosberg observed.

“Because, of course, where they finished, fifth and sixth, miles behind Ferrari and Red Bull, is not really the goal”.

For Rosberg, Wolff’s momentary lapse in grace shouldn’t detract from the significance of Verstappen’s achievement. Records, Rosberg insists, are not to be taken lightly in Formula One. They are an integral part of the sport’s rich history and a testament to the exceptional talent of drivers and the dedication of teams.


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Rosberg: Respect these milestones

Recognising achievements, especially ones as remarkable as Verstappen’s back-to-back wins, is a tradition that is deeply rooted in Formula One. Rosberg stressed that it’s important to respect and appreciate such milestones.

“So I think Toto was just a little bit down and that made his answer a little bit darker and not quite as gracious,” Rosberg noted,

“not quite as gracious as maybe he would normally be because I think the right answer would have been to take my hat off and respect Red Bull for what they have done.”

In the world of Formula One, where history is constantly being made and rewritten, records are not just for Wikipedia; they are a source of inspiration, admiration and fuel for ongoing competition despite what Toto Wolff says. As the debate rages on, it’s clear that, despite Wolff’s comments, the importance of records remains a hot topic for fans and insiders alike.

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  1. The comments from Wolf & Hamilton over the Monza weekend highlighted their true class. Possibly the two worst losers in world sport. Niki Lauda would never have behaved like that, instead he would have used it as motivation to improve his own team performances.

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