F1 team shake-up sees huge title sponsorship deal ‘close to completion’

In the ever-evolving world of Formula One, change is the only constant. For AlphaTauri, Red Bull’s junior team, a significant change is on the horizon, marked by a potentially game-changing title sponsorship deal with global fashion giant Hugo Boss.

As the motorsport landscape continues to change, this partnership could reshape the team’s identity and fortunes, providing a lifeline to boost its performance, that is the hope.


Deal ‘is imminent’

According to reports from German publication F1-Insider, the long speculated alliance between AlphaTauri and Hugo Boss is nearing completion, with talks reaching an advanced stage during the Monza Grand Prix. The deal could mark a turning point for the team, providing vital financial support and bringing it closer to Red Bull in technical terms from next season.

The brainchild of Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko, the proposed partnership is aimed at revitalising AlphaTauri’s competitiveness, particularly in the Constructors’ Championship, where they’ve faced significant challenges in recent years. While the rebranding of the team is an important part of this transformation, the future team name is expected to incorporate both Hugo Boss and Red Bull.



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Strategic marketing is the motivation

Hugo Boss’ decision to forge this partnership is the result of a strategic realignment. The fashion powerhouse, which previously sponsored Formula E, is shifting its focus exclusively to Formula 1. CEO Daniel Grieder emphasised this shift, stating that Hugo Boss is focusing its sporting commitment exclusively on the pinnacle of motorsport. The move underlines the brand’s belief in Formula 1’s global reach and relevance, given the growing emphasis on sustainability.

“Hugo Boss is realigning its existing commitments in sport and we will focus only on Formula 1 in the future,” CEO Daniel Grieder told Motorsport-Magazin in Germany.


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Hugo Boss CEO Daniel Grieder, who previously worked with Aston Martin as the Silverstone-based team’s official fashion partner, underlined the resurgence of Formula One. Hailing the sport’s renewed commitment to sustainability and the global attention it attracts, he positioned F1 as an even more compelling platform for a fashion brand.

“They have also committed to a more sustainable world and races. The sport is even more relevant than ever and the whole world is watching.” claims Grieder who said to Reuters: “Formula 1 is back, and it’s better than ever”


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AlphaTauri need investment to progress

On the track, AlphaTauri has faced its fair share of challenges this season. With the team languishing at the bottom of the Constructors’ Championship with just three points, it’s clear that improvements are imperative. The potential partnership with Hugo Boss promises financial support that could pave the way for improved performance.

Beyond the sponsorship deal, AlphaTauri is poised for significant off-track changes at the end of the season. Long-serving team principal Franz Tost is set to retire, making way for former Ferrari sporting director Laurent Mekies to take the helm. The team has also welcomed former FIA General Secretary Peter Bayer as its new Chief Executive.


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As the pieces fall into place, AlphaTauri’s journey into the future is full of promise and intrigue. The Hugo Boss partnership represents not only a new chapter for the team, but also a testament to the enduring appeal and transformative potential of Formula One. With a mix of strategic rebranding, fresh leadership and new-found financial backing, AlphaTauri aims to rise up the ranks and become a force to be reckoned with in the world of Formula One.

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