Update: Andretti’s F1 Entry & Mario’s response to Marko

As the deadline approaches for potential entrants to respond to the FIA’s Expression of Interest (EoI) to join the Formula One grid, one contender has attracted particular attention – Andretti Global, led by former Formula One driver Michael Andretti.

Andretti’s previous attempt to engage with team principals during the 2022 Miami Grand Prix bore limited fruit, with only McLaren’s Zak Brown and then-Alpine boss Otmar Szafnauer showing support.

The rest of the teams, along with Formula One itself, seemed hesitant, essentially advising Andretti to return with an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partnership for a more favourable consideration.



Renault ‘stop gap’

According to reports in Spanish sports daily Marca, Michael Andretti has held talks with Renault CEO Luca de Meo. The talks centred on the possibility of Renault supplying a power unit to Andretti’s team should they be given the green light to enter Formula One in 2025.

While there has been speculation that the engine would be branded as a Cadillac, it appears intriguing for American car giant General Motors to seemingly align itself with a comparatively smaller French company.

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Long-term prospects for Cadillac

The prospective agreement with Renault is likely to serve as an interim solution, facilitating Andretti’s foray into Formula One while the American company seeks a partner to develop a power unit that meets the new specifications of the F1 ‘engines’ set to debut in 2026.

Commenting on the progress of Cadillac’s efforts to develop its new F1 power unit, Andretti, who once shared the track with Ayrton Senna in 1993, said: “They’re really getting into it…”

Echoing a suggestion from one notable F1 team principal, Andretti’s route into the sport could follow in Audi’s footsteps by considering the acquisition of an existing team.

Toto Wolff explained the team’s stance during a press conference at the recent British Grand Prix: “Our position was very clear: buy a team.”


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A solution?

If nobody is selling a team, then the only way forward would be to start a team. Regardless of whether a partnership with Renault is a stopgap, or there will be a rebadging of their power units to Cadilac, to join F1, prospective teams will be required to pay a $200 million “anti-dilution” fee, designed to protect the current 10 teams from potential revenue losses under the revised financial and revenue structures.

The entry of two new teams through the current EoI process could potentially result in a 16% drop in revenue for existing teams – a notion that hasn’t found universal favour.

Under the current Concorde Agreement, the teams are not part of the final decision-making process. However, with a verdict expected in the coming weeks, Mario Andretti has revealed to RacingNews365 that their hopeful endeavour has meticulously adhered to all the established criteria.



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Andretti’s eye on the 2025 grid

“We’re diligently following the process and making sure all the requirements are met,” Andretti revealed to RacingNews365 regarding their intended entry in 2025.

“We’ve done our part and now it’s up to [the FIA and F1]. We’re in a waiting period and we expect to get a verdict shortly.

“While there’s no precise timeframe, we’ve been told to expect a decision around the beginning of September.

“The prospect of entry in 2025 is not only advantageous, it’s crucial. It’s an idea we’ve strongly advocated and it has significant merit.

“Our original target was 2024, but as the timeline evolved, 2025 emerged as a more viable option. So that’s our current focus.”



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Marko’s suggestion

Much like Toto Wolff, Red Bull Motorsport Advisor Helmut Marko suggested that Andretti’s best course of action would be to acquire an existing team, pointing out the Alpine team from Renault.

After coming close to securing the Sauber team for 2021, a deal that ultimately fell through, Andretti Sr. responded to Marko’s suggestion by saying, “We remain open to potential opportunities. However, to be honest, a lot has been explored in this area, particularly in terms of buying an existing team”


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Driver hints by Mario

An integral aspect of any racing team is its driver line-up. While the details of who might steer the Andretti-Cadillac cars if their bid is successful remain undisclosed, Andretti did offer some tantalising hints.

“I can confirm that we will definitely have one American driver in the team, while the other will be an experienced competitor.

“Driver selection is not a hasty decision but an integral part of our project. Official driver announcements will be made once all the other elements are firmly in place.”

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  1. What does teams like Williams, Alpha Tauri, Haas and Alfa Romeo offer F1? Ridiculous demands by Toto and a few others. Would love to see Andretti in F1!

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