Red Bull puts forth seismic plan to Andretti

Red Bull’s motorsport advisor, Dr Helmut Marko, has suggested that the Andretti team, which wants to form an eleventh Formula 1 championship team, do something totally different to enter the Formula 1 grid.

A familiar name in motorsport circles, Andretti Autosport’s interest in entering Formula 1 has generated considerable excitement and speculation among fans, experts, and stakeholders, but perhaps less so the current ten teams on the grid who are reluctant to allow additional teams to dilute the money within the sport.


Michael Andretti, a former Formula 1 driver himself, is no stranger to the intricacies of the sport. He competed in Formula 1 during the early 1990s, which gives him firsthand experience of the challenges and demands of F1. A troubled time at McLaren as team mate to Ayrton Senna that ended with an early exit before seasons end.

Following his driving career, Andretti transitioned to a successful role as a team owner in the IndyCar Series, where Andretti Autosport has established itself as a prominent and competitive outfit.

The prospect of Andretti Autosport venturing into Formula 1 reflects a convergence of factors. Firstly, Formula 1’s anticipated budget cap regulations and cost-containment measures have garnered interest from potential new entrants, as they aim to compete on a more level playing field without the astronomical budgets of some established teams.

Secondly, Formula 1’s push for more competitive and diverse grids has encouraged discussions about expanding the number of teams on the grid. Something the current established teams are reluctant to support.


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Andretti legacy in Formula 1

If Andretti Autosport’s application is successful, it could mark the return of the Andretti name to the Formula 1 scene after decades. The team’s involvement could potentially reignite the legacy established by Michael’s father, Mario Andretti, who is a Formula 1 world champion and one of the most iconic figures in motorsport history.

However, the road to becoming a Formula 1 team is not without its challenges. Meeting the stringent technical and financial requirements set by the sport’s governing body, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), is a crucial step. The competitive nature of Formula 1 demands meticulous planning, strong partnerships, and significant financial investment. Andretti Autosport would need to build a competitive car, secure the necessary sponsorships, and assemble a skilled team of engineers, designers, and drivers.

Andretti’s entry into Formula 1 could also herald new opportunities for American motorsport. While Formula 1 has a dedicated fanbase in the United States, a homegrown team led by a prominent American figure could potentially boost interest in the sport and expand its footprint in the country.


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Power unit: First step completed

Michael Andretti, who signed a partnership with manufacturer Cadillac this year as an important first step in the process, has already sent his official application to the FIA to become the eleventh team on the Formula 1 grid and has also been assured of being powered by Renault should his application be successful.



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Red Bull get involved in the discussion

Red Bull’s Dr Helmut Marko has put forth a seismic plan to allow Andretti into Formula 1 without needing the additional eleventh team on the grid. Should Andretti take up the suggestion, huge changes within F1 would shake up the paddock with a big team leaving the sport.

While the FIA will not be making any decisions on potential new entrants to Formula 1 until September, Helmut Marko has suggested that the Andretti clan should simply buy the Alpine team from French manufacturer Renault, which the Austrian believes would suit all parties.

“Andretti should buy the Alpine team. That would be better for everyone,” Helmut Marko told Sport 1.

“That way, Formula 1 would keep its ten teams, Andretti could finally enter [F1] and Renault could still be involved.”



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Marko suggestion has merit?

Helmut Marko’s recommendation is not insignificant and comes in the midst of a huge period of uncertainty in the ranks of the Enstone team, which announced at the Belgian Grand Prix the simultaneous departures of Otmar Szafnauer [former team principal], Pat Fry [former technical director] and Alan Permane [former sporting director].

This announcement was preceded a week earlier by confirmation of the departure of the now former CEO of Alpine, Frenchman Laurent Rossi, who has been replaced by Philippe Krief.

It is also worth noting that Andretti has faced strong opposition from Formula 1 and its ten teams already on the grid, who are concerned that the arrival of an eleventh team will dilute the revenues paid out each year.

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