Wolff relives 2021: ‘the best man that day didn’t win’

Nineteen months have elapsed since Lewis Hamilton’s heart-wrenching defeat in the 2021 championship, yet Toto Wolff’s frustration remains palpable as he insists the title was “unjustly seized”, making its acceptance a bitter pill to swallow.

Back in 2021, the Formula One world witnessed an epic showdown as Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton fiercely locked horns with Max Verstappen in a relentless battle for the World Championship. The two giants exchanged blows, trading 1-2 finishes and metaphorical blows as they fought tooth and nail for supremacy.



As the season’s climax loomed large in Abu Dhabi, the points were meticulously balanced, with both Hamilton and Verstappen locked at an equal 369.5 points each. It was a high-stakes showdown where only one would ascend to glory – and Verstappen seized that honour.

Intrigue entered the fray as FIA race director Michael Masi intervened during the final laps after a late-race incident involving Nicholas Latifi. Masi orchestrated a last-gasp shoot-out by permitting only the cars sandwiched between Hamilton and Verstappen to unlap themselves. This strategic maneuver allowed Verstappen, equipped with fresher tires, to launch a decisive attack on Hamilton’s race lead, which he accomplished with a blistering move at Turn 4.

In the wake of Verstappen’s victory, Hamilton’s anguished radio message reverberated across the racing world: “This has been manipulated.”

The narrative turned sombre as Hamilton’s quest for an eighth historic World Championship was shattered.



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Wolff: Stolen title

Verstappen clinched both the race and the title, casting an air of uncertainty over Hamilton’s future on the grid. Despite his return in 2022, the revamped regulations dulled Mercedes’ dominance, signaling the ascent of the Verstappen era.

Wolff’s heart still aches for the agony of 2021. Speaking on BBC Radio’s Desert Island Discs, he declared, “In this race, both drivers started with an equal footing, where the finest driver and machine triumph. However, on that fateful day, the true champion was unjustly denied victory.”

Wolff candidly admitted, “And it’s still something that stings, not of losing it because I would have been able [and] all of us would have been able to lose that race fair and square and admit that. But it was stolen and that made it difficult.”


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FIA tries to keep Mercedes calm

The FIA’s changing of the guard, with a new president assuming office around that period, came with its own share of controversy. The governing body ultimately conceded an error had occurred, branding it “human error.” However, this acknowledgment couldn’t restore the championship to its rightful owner or bestow Lewis with an eighth world title. It was, however, an olive branch gesture to temper an angry giant partnered to the sport.

Wolff’s sentiments resonate with Hamilton, as both share an uncanny ability to compartmentalize emotions. Reflecting on the incident, Wolff acknowledged, “Such adversities pale in comparison to the world’s greater tribulations.”


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Hamilton ‘bereft of sympathy’

Since 2021, Hamilton has yet to secure a race victory, with Mercedes grappling to match the prowess of Red Bull in Formula One’s new era of ground-effect aerodynamics.

“Intriguingly,” Wolff mused, “is that we as a team and Lewis as a driver, we didn’t have a lot of credit and sympathy because we won so many times,” Wolff added

As the Formula One landscape continues to evolve, the echoes of 2021’s dramatic finale still reverberate, a reminder of a title that slipped through Hamilton’s fingers under controversial circumstances.

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6 responses to “Wolff relives 2021: ‘the best man that day didn’t win’

  1. Have you considered donating your brain to help in the cure for Criminal Stupidity. I’m sure it help take the research forward leaps and bounds.

    • Sour Grapes is all i can say, im so sick and tired of hearing about! Totto and Hamilton need to stop acting like spoilt bratts, put the big boy pants on and seriuosly think of what sort of an example they set especially to the younger gererations.

      But since we are back on this yet again and i say this as not a merc or redbull fan (and rooting for more teams to join the grid).

      》Hamilton and Toto had the option to put fresher boots on.
      》Mercs had to put a new engine on to win S. America giving extra power, some would say the penalty for engine not big enough, and strategically cheating as well.
      》I for one think Masi showed balls and gave what majority of fans wanted… A Bloody Race to the Wire!! Well Done Michael and i think he should be returned.
      》As Kiwi said, stats wise the better did win that day.
      》Going forward Toto and Hamilton stop complaining, sort your shit out, stop blaming others and trying to get regs changed to suit you. Just REMEMBER you dominated longer than others in History.

      But ultimatly GROW UP, MOVE ON AND FIX YOUR OWN CAR! and more Importatly BE ADULTS and think of the bad example your setting.

  2. Stop your stupidity Mr Wolff
    I suppose you are referring to Hamilton,oh well,if he was the best man he would have won,so stop dreaming and accept defeat like grown ups.
    Excuses after excuses Mr inferiority complex,I will throw the biggest party ever to celebrate Hamilton retirement as the biggest news ever so we can all enjoy racing,.Why are they the only ones ever complaining????DI SOMETHING !!!!

  3. Max was a huge loser that day, he proved he’s got no talent in F1 against Lewis. Perez did most of the fighting against Lewis, to only hold him back for slow coach, now the HEC, to catch up. That also proved too much for orange pubes, he still couldn’t beat Lewis, only Karen Horners “racing god’s” could help sloth, and it did, the FIA sent Masi to act as that god. If it wasn’t for Masi and the FIA therd be no human error champion. Pitty Wolff can only complain, he should have fought harder to remove a HEC and instate the true 8th time F1 WDC.

  4. If you look at the stats for that deason, the best man did win, despite hamilton putting max in the hospital..and incident he was found guilty off, but yet barely got punished

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