Red Bull reacts to Perez sacking story

Motorsport Consultant Marko Dismisses Red Bull Pérez Rumors as “Nonsense”. Speculation has been circulating in the Formula 1 world regarding Sergio Perez’s future at Red Bull. Recent poor performances by the driver have fueled rumors of a premature end to his season. However, motorsport consultant Helmut Marko has unequivocally refuted these speculations.

Sergio Perez’s recent Formula 1 races did not go as planned. Prior to the Miami Grand Prix, he was only 14 points behind his teammate and world championship leader, Max Verstappen. However, due to two disastrous qualifying sessions, Perez’s gap to the two-time world champion has now widened to an incredible 53 points.


Various rumors concerning Perez have emerged, prompting concerns from former McLaren mechanic Marc Priestley, who expressed his apprehension during the Chequered Flag podcast. The question of whether Perez deserves to be in the Red Bull team and if he will last until the end of the season has been a topic of discussion.

However, Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko has dismissed these rumors as “nonsense,” emphasizing this to

“Sergio’s position has never been in jeopardy, and it will remain secure in the future. He is a crucial asset in our pursuit of the goals we have set for this year,” stated the 80-year-old, further clarifying their objectives:

“We aim to secure first and second positions in the drivers’ standings and become the constructors’ world champions as soon as possible.”


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Marko wants to “fulfill his dream” with Perez.

“After his relatively weak performances in Miami and Monaco, I merely reminded Sergio to focus on his job. He failed to capitalize on the potential within him,” said the RB advisor.

Marko emphasized that the 33-year-old should concentrate more on himself rather than relentlessly trying to outperform Max. He also stressed the importance of Perez’s presence when things aren’t going well for Verstappen, reiterating the team’s hierarchy.


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As the clear number two driver, Perez still has a role to play, especially in securing the constructors’ championship.

“The probability of realizing this dream only increases if both cars are capable of winning.”

Red Bull currently leads the constructors’ championship standings with 287 points, while their closest competitor, Mercedes, has accumulated only 152 points, followed by Aston Martin with 134 points.

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