Perez mid season sacking

Is Sergio Pérez’s departure imminent? Uncertainty surrounds Red Bull as new speculation has arisen regarding Sergio Pérez’s future with Red Bull after a series of mixed performances, dampening his chances of winning the Formula 1 World Championship.

The Mexican driver’s weak showings have led to questions about his position within the team, with an insider raising concerns about whether Pérez will remain with Red Bull until the end of the season.


Mixed history at Red Bull

Sergio Pérez joined Red Bull Racing ahead of the 2021 Formula 1 season, marking a significant move in his career. After a successful tenure with Racing Point (now Aston Martin), Pérez found himself without a drive for 2021. However, when Red Bull needed a replacement for Alexander Albon.

In the 2020 Formula 1 season, Sergio Pérez showcased several standout performances. His highlight moments included a remarkable victory at the Sakhir Grand Prix, multiple podium finishes, and consistently strong drives.

After joining Red Bull, he adapted well to the team and contributed valuable points, supporting Max Verstappen’s championship bid, particularly in 2021 during the famous Abu Dhabi showdown with Lewis Hamilton. 

During his tenure at Red Bull, the Mexican has failed to deliver the same consistency when compared to Max Verstappen, and this has not been the first time he’s faced rumours about his future at the team, particularly since several on-track ‘altercations’ between Verstappen and himself.


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Lost confidence?

Until the Miami Grand Prix, Pérez’s season appeared to be on track for this season. He trailed Max Verstappen by just 14 points in the driver standings. However, Monaco and Barcelona proved disastrous for Pérez due to two calamitous Saturdays, resulting in a massive deficit of 53 points.

Former McLaren mechanic Marc Priestley expressed worry about Pérez’s recent struggles during the “Chequered Flag” podcast. While unsure if Pérez has lost confidence in recent weeks, Priestley highlighted the previous discussions about a championship battle against Verstappen and raised the question of Pérez’s place in the Red Bull team, wondering if he would even complete the season. 


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“I don’t know if he has lost his confidence in the last few weeks, but just two races ago there was talk of a fight [against Verstappen] for the championship. Now some people are questioning whether he even has the right to be in the Red Bull. Is he even going to make it to the end of the season?” Priestley posed.

From Red Bull’s standpoint, however, there seems to be no immediate need for change. The team’s overall plan is still on track as they continue their pursuit of the World Championship.


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Verstappen the “better Formula 1 world champion” for Red Bull

Interestingly, Pérez’s recent dip in form may even work in favor of Christian Horner and the team, as it allows them to maintain the current hierarchy without making an uncomfortable decision. If necessary, they can firmly establish Verstappen as the clear number one driver. Undoubtedly, Red Bull views Verstappen as the preferred choice for securing the “better world champion” title for the team.

Additionally, the lack of available alternatives in the driver market further solidifies Pérez’s position. Red Bull currently lacks a junior driver who can readily step up to replace him.

While Yuki Tsunoda could be a logical substitute, given his strong season, he is also crucially needed at AlphaTauri. Consequently, Pérez does not currently have a significant reason to fear for his seat.

Nonetheless, the emergence of these rumors yet again is not an encouraging sign for him.

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11 responses to “Perez mid season sacking

  1. Well we all know that SP isn’t in the same class as Max & never will be, to even think he could put up a challenge to win the drivers championship is ridiculous in my opinion.
    As far as Sergio getting the sack this season I doubt that very much, as RB need to win both championships & to put another driver in mid season would scupper the plans for it to happen..

    • What I don’t understand: Mexico is a much much bigger market compared to the Netherlands, so how would Max be a better champ for red bull?

      • What you also don’t understand: Max is a better driver than Perez.
        What does the country they’re from have anything to do with this?

  2. You guys are clowns in this gossip circus. Here we have some granpa Marko cheerleaders. Show facts about Checo’s departure. Next time Max is DNF you will say it was a bad day and his seat is not in risk. Be professionals.

  3. Boy, it’s so clear you are against Perez. Every article you write you badmouth him. Do us all a favor and stop with your unbiased opinions.

  4. Rubbish, pointless article. Perez has had just two bad races. While I believe Red Bull should not have dismissed Albon, big mistake, Perez has generally done well as Verstappen’s partner. He’s nothing like as quick as Verstappen on most circuits, but he has proven to be a top street racer.

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