Update on Canadian GP cancellation risk

Formula 1 Assures Grand Prix du Canada is Not in Danger is the official response to rumors spread by certain media outlets in recent days. Formula 1 has broken its silence to confirm that the 2023 Canadian Grand Prix is not in jeopardy despite the wildfires affecting the country.

Formula 1 expects the Canadian Grand Prix to proceed as planned, despite the forest fires that have impacted air quality in the country in recent days.


Hundreds of fires have been reported in Quebec, the province that is also home to the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve where the race is scheduled to take place from June 16th to 18th. The pollution caused by the fires has led to warnings in surrounding areas, where millions of people have been advised to wear face masks as a precaution against inhaling smoke.

The smoke has also spread far beyond Quebec, reaching north and south, including the United States of America, where New York City woke up to thick fog on Thursday, leading authorities to cancel numerous flights.


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Canada Remains Engulfed in Flames

Canada is currently grappling with the devastating impact of hundreds of wildfires, which have led to the displacement of tens of thousands of individuals. Meanwhile, in the eastern regions of the United States, there has been a gradual improvement in air quality.

On Friday, numerous wildfires continued to ravage Canada, as residents prepared themselves for what could potentially be one of the most severe wildfire seasons in recent history. However, the storm system responsible for carrying hazardous smoke into the United States was gradually moving away, leading to an overall improvement in air quality across most of the country.

Steven Flisfeder, a meteorologist specializing in warning preparedness at Environment and Climate Change Canada, predicted that the weekend might bring relief in terms of air quality for Toronto, the largest city and financial hub of the country.

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GP “Not in danger”

However, despite increasing false reports on various websites indicating that the Canadian Grand Prix is in danger, a Formula 1 spokesperson clarified that next week’s event is “not in danger.”

“The air quality in Montreal is currently good, and the situation is different from other regions in Canada and the northern United States.”

Forecasts for the upcoming days indicate that wind direction changes will continue to push the smoke away from Montreal, while Formula 1 will naturally keep monitoring the situation in the coming days.

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